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  1. Hi guys :) I`m playing at l2rox.net and I`m trying to start l2walker there, but i cant`t. I have edit host file to localhost l2authd.lineage2.com L2testauthd.lineage2.com i`m using software with name WABY to connect to l2rox.net server ip while logging in, before it i`m starting l2 with lL2Walker2.17d, everything work correctly, game is start, i can sit down and stand up or use skills by using l2w but when i push start combat button to attack by l2w its target a mob, atack for some secound and than i got msg in system box that im banned bl
  2. yup, thats not resolve my problem. Maybe thats imposible to write macro in l2w for change target if targeted name is group leader name?
  3. Hello im using l2 walker ig ver. 1.79 and i need to configure one special option, thoroughly to not attack one special mob, even if he atack me, but i want to be normal with other mobs. I need it to atack group of mobs, the mob who i dont wanna atack is leader of those mobs group, so i dont wanna atack leader, cuz then other will be respawn fast when i kill them ;) but if i kill leader they will no longer respawn ;/ and we dont want this ;p, cuz you see im spoiler and those "others, no leaders mobs" drops very nice items ;) Sorry for my weak english ;p