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  1. i w8 for one .. there willl be new start on L2teardrop ... but gm must repare some problems .. but still looking for any 1 :D
  2. how many ppl play there ? i want check any 1 .. :D but ... with ppl .. x)
  3. next Dn player .. xD i will join too xDD hf
  4. www.l2teardrop.com Server Features Server Rate 35x GM Online Every day Cheap class transfer items in Luxury store Stack Subclass System Unique Stack Subclass Quest Stack subclass only to same race (only dwarves can cross-subclass) No overpowered stacking combinations Special Events Special Raid Bosses Dualbox – No limited Offline shop Teleport to Primeval Island Mana and Greater Mana Potions Delevel NPC NO GM Shop Succesfull Enchant rate is 66% Safe Enchant is +3 Maximum Enchant is +16 Clan Hall buffs for 1 hour Cas
  5. can any 1 post me any fully working oog for interlude ? please :P time of christmass make it for me :D