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  1. i w8 for one .. there willl be new start on L2teardrop ... but gm must repare some problems .. but still looking for any 1 :D
  2. how many ppl play there ? i want check any 1 .. :D but ... with ppl .. x)
  3. next Dn player .. xD i will join too xDD hf
  4. www.l2teardrop.com Server Features Server Rate 35x GM Online Every day Cheap class transfer items in Luxury store Stack Subclass System Unique Stack Subclass Quest Stack subclass only to same race (only dwarves can cross-subclass) No overpowered stacking combinations Special Events Special Raid Bosses Dualbox – No limited Offline shop Teleport to Primeval Island Mana and Greater Mana Potions Delevel NPC NO GM Shop Succesfull Enchant rate is 66% Safe Enchant is +3 Maximum Enchant is +16 Clan Hall buffs for 1 hour Cas
  5. can any 1 post me any fully working oog for interlude ? please :P time of christmass make it for me :D
  6. Check forum there ... gm yday writed it on forum ... But de/ty is fuked totems dont work ... but all know ... ( foking de/ty ) :D
  7. I asked Gm about and he say : Yes they stack :P
  8. any 1 then must start on pp or wc stats x)) and any one must start on archers or daggers or destro or tyrant ... :P
  9. Shop to B grade good xD ... ok U know when u craft(make) your first A grade its best xD or S grade ... xD Its x35 also u think to dwrof ,, sieges its low rate ... Its not pvp server its OFF :D tell its hard make on x35 prophet lvl 58??... xD for everythink what u need :P ... if you wont exp with ppl ... npc buffer = some charaters unseles on start ... etc ...
  10. Infi x5 <3 ....also was w/o NPC buffer and 800+ any time :D and was funny :P farm isnt so bad if many friends play with You :P x)) I think pvp on pp buffs or self is any time more funny like low sh1t on fullbuffs ... Sry for english xD Bump for Server and Vote ppl we can w8 for good server ! :D
  11. So work or no ? becouse i cant download patch xD ... i want check it ! xD