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  1. Supported games :HearthstoneClash of clanscandy crush sagarobloxsummoner's warlord's mobileTERMS OF SERVICEI will need your account details for 5 minutes TOP.Your account will not get banned . This is 100% safe . Do not message me asking how safe this is .I accept Cryptos only , you have to go first or we use a trusted MM (fees on you). Αν εισαι απο Ελλαδα δεχομαι και λευτα στο λεπτο απο τραπεζα πειραιως.
  2. I had to play l2 for 5 years , i just joined for the good ol days :P
  3. Joined the server today, server is awesome ,activity is good but could be bettter (around 500 online) .Good ol l2gold days are back :)
  4. Exw 20 xbox one CONSOLE ONLY . Afto simenei oti einai mono i Consola ( oute psu , oute controller) . Ta poulao arketa ftina .Meno Iraklio krhths , an einai kaneis apo edw trigiro kai thelei na agorasei as kanei ena post edw posa leyta prosferei kai an einai arketa tha tou kano pm. Stelno se oli tin Ellada an plirosete ta metaforika . An kaneis fobate oti tha ton scamaro as rotisei ton @magaki13 gia mena. Ta xbox eianai OLOKAINOURGIA , stin kouta den exoun xrisimopieithei pote oute kan bgei apo tin kouta. To xbox one den exei erthei akoma stin ellada alla otan erthei tha kanei 500
  5. Public method , method is public . damn mxc u are so much behind.
  6. I am mostly buying amazon.co.uk and amazon.com accounts but if you have anywhere else (for example on amazon.de ) i will consider buying it . Add me on skype dota_ftw (johny) if you are willing to sell it to me .$$$
  7. Mate you are confused . I will sell you an account , you don't have to create one . The account i will sell you will work fine . BTW delete all those off topics posts , they are just ruin my sales.
  8. Works in every country of the word , ignore the spotify message not avaliable in your country. :D
  9. Its just saying it doesn't work but it works fine :) I am from Greece btw .
  10. Spotify doesn't support my country but it works like it does :)
  11. I am selling spotify accounts that can even last a lifetime . The accounts can last from 1 day-lifetime. I can't upgrade your account . You pay me and i deliver you a account with a subscription on it Netflix accounts for 0.40 cents . They can last from 1 day- lifetime Add me on skype dota_ftw (johny)