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Some importent questions



1.How i can make DreadBane(pole) to hit 360°?

2.How to make exp event(high rate event) i mean event start in certain time(and end), you go to special GK press join and you will be teleported in the special zone, mobs in special zone will spawned on start event and unspaw in end? (Like l2 Gold,Euroworld)

3.How to make Only Giran Harbor shop zone?

4.How to add Noblesse in Armor set(to passive skills)?

5.And how to make this html,if you have this items in checkbox will show you:

you can see it in l2 gold(www.l2euroworld.com)


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1 - I suppose core modification, dunno where as I don't know this skill (my life stopped to interlude + i'm not a warlord fan :P).

2 - Core mod. Many events shared on this forum. Check VIP for example.

3 - you must edit the requestprivatebuy (dunno if it's the good name...) & sellstore .java, to add the restriction of giran harbor + adding giran harbor in areas if not made.

4 - no idea, i suppose xml ? As zariche give skills, see if it's core or xml based. Well, according to CW, I suppose more core than xml...

5 - no idea, but as it's a HTM file, I suppose the checkbox stuff is the same as any HTML file.


Depends of your server, but if it's an existing feature on Gracia and u're on Interlude, remember than all can be copied from gracia to interlude, need just work.


I won't talk about originality, but it will be better to learn how to hack a FTP than try to make an copy of existing servers...


GL anyway.

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