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[Quiz] Christmas Karma Laingiving [! 16:00 (Greece 17:00) !]

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The only person with 1 mistake was MaCe, but he answered bonus question (the award) so I think he deserves karma. Congratulations to you MaCe! And other let me down, you should have been nolifing more at mxc! ;D


Correct answers:


Answer one: 2006 December (first activity) or 2005 November (creation).

Answer two: JudgeDredd, Maxtor, Warmaster

Answer three: koTs0S and xxrxx

Answer four: 4

Answer five: K4rMaArr0ws

Answer six: Gold Member, WoW Moderator, L2 Moderator, Global Moderator

Answer seven: 1.12.2009

Answer eight: fdLP (or Mafia_007) with Veteran award




Answer one:2006/December Correct

Answer two:admins Wrong

Answer three:noble,xxxrxxx Wrong

Answer four:5 Wrong

Answer five:Critical Error Wrong

Answer six:wow moderator,global mod,l2 mod Wrong

Answer seven:01.12.09 Correct

Answer eight:Nitrus System The Dota Award. Wrong




Answer one: 17-11-2005 Correct

Answer two: Wrong

Answer three:frank xxRxx Wrong

Answer four:4 Correct

Answer five:magaki13 Wrong

Answer six: Wrong

Answer seven: Wrong

Answer eight: Wrong




Answer One:November of 2005 Correct

Answer Two:Maxtor,Warmaster,Judgedredd Correct

Answer Three:Noble and xXRxX Wrong

Answer Four:-4 Karma Correct

Answer Five:The top karma guy was K4rMaArrows Correct

Answer Six:Global moderator,wow mod,l2mod,gold member Correct

Answer Seven:  December 01, 2009, 09:13:09 PM  Correct

Answer Eight: fDLP or mafia_007 or vent00za with the award veteran Correct




Answer one: December 2006 Correct

Answer two: Maxtor, JudgeDredd, Warmaster Correct

Answer three: XxRxX, k0ts0s Correct

Answer four: 5 Wrong

Answer five: K4rMaArr0ws Correct

Answer six: Gold Member, Global Moderator, L2 Moderator Wrong

Answer seven: December 01, 2009 Correct

Answer eight: Mafia_007 aka  fdLP Correct




1)2005 Wrong

2)maxtor,warmaster,judgedread Correct

3)xxxRxxx and xxxnoblexxx Wrong (xDDD)

4)4 Correct

5)karmaarrows Correct

6)wow,gold,l2,global Correct

7) December 01, 2009, Correct

8)fdlp Correct




Answer one: November 30, 2005 Correct

Answer two: Maxtor and noble (He rly deserves to be admin =D ) Wrong

Answer three: Noble = Kwts0s (Or smthing like that) and Frank was XxRxX Correct

Answer four: 5 Wrong

Answer five: K4rMaArrowS Correct

Answer six: gold member, l2 mod and global mod. Wrong

Answer seven: December 02, 2009 Wrong

Answer eight: fdLP – Veteran Correct




1/ 2005/12 Wrong

2/ Maxtor , Warmaster , JudgeDredd Correct

3/ Noble , XxRxX Wrong

4/ 4 Correct

5/ K4rMaArr0ws Correct

6/ Global Moderator , L2 Moderator , Gold Member Wrong

7/ 01.12.09 Correct

8/ K4rMaArr0ws ( i think award of top mover ) Wrong




Answer one: december 2006 Correct

Answer two:maxtor | warmaster | JudgeDredd Correct

Answer three: Wrong

Answer four: 3 Wrong

Answer five: Wrong

Answer six: Global moderator | gold member Wrong

Answer seven:1.12.09 Correct

Answer eight:Wrong

Answer nine:Wrong

Answer ten:Wrong




Answer one: 17-11-2005 Correct

Answer two: Maxtor,Warmaster,JudgeDredd Correct

Answer three:NobLe®=Noble ,Frank= XxrxX Wrong

Answer four: 4 Correct

Answer five: K4rMaArr0ws Correct

Answer six:L2 Moderator,Gold Member,Global Moderator,WoW Moderator,Uploader Wrong

Answer seven: 01.12.09 Correct

Answer eight: NITROUS SYSTEM Wrong




1)2005/November Correct

2)admin Wrong

3)k0ts0s / XxRxX Correct

4)5 Wrong

5)karmaarrows Correct

6)gold member/l2 mod/global mod Wrong

7)16/12/09 Wrong

8)mafia_007 with the award of veteran member. Correct




Hello MOFOS!  ;D


So much crying over spilled karma made me sad  :( (lol good one), so I decided to give you a chance to increase karma count. Karma means nothing, so why is this contest taking place?


The contest will be quiz based, you will be asked questions and if you answer right, you've got the karma point. The karma reward is not the purpose of the contest though, I wanna see how much you know maxcheaters and its history.


System and rules:

  • You will be pming correct answers to me
  • You will have only one try, so as soon as you send your first list with answers, you can't go back
  • If you miss any of answer, then it's counted as a wrong answer
  • If I will be seeing any attempts at cheating, you will be banned. (for dumbs: If you try to fuc.k with me, then I shall fuc.k you, too.)
  • You can gain 1 karma per IP, so If you've got several accounts, and I will find out you're trying to gain more than one, It will counted as cheating. BEWARE
  • Questions will be aimed at maxcheaters and its history mostly, but there's no guarantee that I may ask you questions to test your Internet and world survey.
  • You will have 10 minutes to fill 10 questions. (It has to be your own mind filling in the answers, not the internet - that why is the time limited)



  • First 24 people who will be pming me with correct answers will get the karma point.




The Quiz will be posted on 24th December, time: 15:00 GMT+1. Do I have to explain why? ((Greece GMT+2 - 16:00))


Reasonable explanation why quiz is not posted not: Because half of you are here at forum, half are jacking off, other half is singing Christmas carols. So I need to let everyone know about this, so they can mentally prepare for this and have equal chances. Some people are nolifing the forum 24/7, and they would have sent the answers in no time If I posted it now. Or at least they would have more time to make research. I judge all equally and want to give all members same chances of winning.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Merry Xmas.


Copy-sheet: (This you will be sending)


Answer one:

Answer two:

Answer three:

Answer four:

Answer five:

Answer six:

Answer seven:

Answer eight:

Answer nine:

Answer ten:



1/ When was Maxcheaters site founded? (year/month)

2/ Name all members we could be seeing with a red name.

3/ Original nicknames (when they first joined the forum) of NobLe® and Frank?

4/ How many negative karma points you need to get automatically banned?

5/ Who was the guy with top karma in the forum before the karma wipe?

6/ Name all the ranks WebMonster was.

7/ When were the forum rules last updated

8/ Who was the first award holder in the forum? And if you remember what was the award? (If you don’t answer second question, it won’t be counted as wrong answer, if you answer it wrong, you will fail, if you answer it right, you win.)

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    * First 24 people who will be pming me with correct answers will get the karma point.


Haha, either noble maxtor will chop your ballz off ;D

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I guarantee the quiz won't be that easy. :) And I changed the rules that member will have 10 minutes to send me the results. So no long searching on the internet.

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Dudes relax it will be  hard and I'm sure of it so whoever's gonna win is going to deserve it. Dun worry im going to help Lain in making the quiz so i guarantee you that you'll have a hard time finding the correct answers.


#Locked for now.

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