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[Gracia Final L2J]L2 Legend


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I'm here to announce my new server project ,which is hosted in a dedicated machine !

I wanna present you my new project that it is developed by proffesional developers(Gracia Final)


The server is a fully equipped with an extreme pc which is DEDICATED (by VRT Servers)


The server can make the difference between lots of servers in Greece, Some reasons :

The server doesn't have anything which could raise the stats of chaRS(No CuSToMs) and we do not accept donations (donates) which will make the gameplay better!


Let us say a few words about our server:


The server has:


A buffer which is easy to use and it is detailed for niewbies.

A gm shop fully equipped

A new gatekeeper that teleports you to various areas


Let's talk about the rates:


Exp: x500

Sp: x500

Gland: x1000

Drop: x26

Spoil: x26

Enchant safe: 5

Enchant Max: 20

Extra Fixes & Addons:

Ιnterlude Skills Work 100%

Clan Hall Work 100%

Castle Siege Work 100%

Olympiad Game Work 100%

Hero System Work 100%

Noblesse Work 100%

Duel System Work 100%

Server Full Ιnterlude



Server Site :




ScreenShots : soon

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The server is new and the pack will change soon!

Do not worry we will improve the server !

It hasn't been added to vote lists yet

and this is the only forum we advertised it

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