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Πως να στήσετε το L2 Net για Interlude


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Το δοκίμασε κανείς άλλος για τον bnb τον καινούργιο? Εμένα πάντως όταν γράφω το account μου κλείνει το παράθυρο.

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re pedia ego ta ekana ola opas ta lei to palikari pio pano katevasa kai to l2ini kai to l2net kai to directx .. anigo ton server anigo kai to cmd ala den vrika pouthena 777 ala apoti ida stin ikona kato apo to time wait eine i ip kai tin pira '''' meta anigo ton fakelo grafo name tou server L2-EXTREME kai apo kato tin ip to klino apothikefsi ola orea. Meta anigo to interface.txt kateveno kato kai sti thesi tou L2Net lei na valo tin diadromi tou system tou server p pezo ama to kano afto tote tha exo x2 C:\Program Files\Lineage II opote leo na zviso to l2net kai na valo ''system'' .. to klino to apothikevo kai meta to petao mesa to system ston fakelo tou l2net kai to anigo to kano opos lei to pedi kai m lei :


GAME GUARD CORRUPTED OR INCORECT USER ...  kapios na me voithisi .. l2tower xrisimopiousa ego otan eixa to kalo pc tora exo ena mapa kai den m kani update kai den boro na to xrisimopioiso .. HELP KAPIOS

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Παιδεία μια ερώτηση, θέλω να feedaro pk με το l2net, είμαι μέσα κανονικά, αλλά δεν ξέρω τι πρέπει να βάλω για να βαράει ο char μου το bot χωρίς αυτό να είναι flag, δηλαδή να κάνει κάτι σαν να πατάω εγώ ctrl + attack για να το πάρει pk. 


Υπάρχει κάποια βοήθεια; 

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Το L2Net, έχει σταματήσει τα updates εδώ και χρόνια, πήγαινε σε κάτι πιο νέο, όπως L2Adrenaline για παράδειγμα.

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    • We have dates for Open Beta Testing and Official launch date set in stone! Open Beta Testing: 2023-02-17 GMT-3 19:00 OFFICIAL Launch: 2023-02-24 GMT-3 19:00 Until then we are going to be working on the server, balancing, checking a lot of stuff and making sure everything is perfectly well set for OBT and especially official launch. In upcoming days we will finalize marketing campaign that will take effect in facebook/google ads, forum banners, pinned topics and such. Website will be also reworked to make it a bit less complicated and with less information than it is now. Until OBT we will be sharing sneak peaks so the community can take a look at what they can expect, won't give the full picture as that wouldn't be interesting Thank you everyone for supporting the project and continuing to do so, we can promise that you won't bet bored as we will be bringing a lot of stuff weekly to the players! Little sneak peak of sophisticated quest system where you will be able to get rewards for completing tasks:
    • Impossible to combine them just in xml, they have different target and skill types. But yeah, you can make it to work like you want, make a new skilltype or modify existing one.
    • (Post is temporarily edited while still going in negotiations)
    • Hello.  I added this on aCis401 but i found some serious problems on the code. First of all i updated all sql queries and i removed the character_memo_alt (its useless) and instead i saved everything in character_memo. All custom edits on Gameclient.java caused a serious problem (WARNING on GS) when a players was logging out. I found this part useless too so i removed it. Then i removed all Tournament arenas and OutOfZoneTask (i found them useless too because all games are instanced). Another bug is :when a team is on countdown to port in, for those 10 seconds was able to register on another game. That caused serious issues if another team join the Q and could port your team on next game before you finish the active one. And last bug is with the pets. Instance is not handled upon teleport in arena so enemies cannot kill your pet. I fixed more things for sure but i don't remember something else big.    Its a very good system if you can manage to fix/update. I don't recommend it for live server as it is.   Keep up.
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