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CSS | Deagle 3k in de_cbble


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U try to say u didnt know they are comming?


IF you knew the beggining of the scene, you wouldn't even post what you posted.The first Terrorist was damaged because he showed up but he didn't kill me and I didn't kill him either, he went back, I chased him and I saw them all.It's just "skill" that you see your enemies and wait for them.And most of all is "reflex" for killing them as soon as you see them.And a wallhacker wouldn't place the target where I did, he would place it next to the wall..

I ain't hacking and I never will..


+ that wallhakcers usually miss, but I missed on the third, didn't I?

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It's not the shadows, it's the sound too..I didn't start playing CSS Yesterday, because if I had, I wouldn't now be playing with reverb, billios, sonic, oxygen and many other Greek Top Players, and If I cheated I wouldn't be now in GR-OF clan, the second best clan in Greece in CSS.So, think before you write or at least don't blame me..Thanks!!

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@cyber nice vid i like it :P


you had one MxC video if i remember good xD


when u have time go make it :)


or make one with my frags only (so selfish)




thx :P i will own u :P

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