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[Gracia Final L2J] L2 Apocalypto


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General Features



* XP Rate: 1000x

* SP Rate: 1000x

* Party XP/SP Rate: 2x

* Adena Rate: 1000x

* Enchant Rate:

Weapon: 72%

Armor: 69%

Jewelry: 69%

* Blessed Enchant Rate:

- Weapon: 80%

- Armor: 77%

- Jewelry: 77%

* Weapon Safe Enchant: 3

* Armor Safe Enchant: 3

* Maximum Enchant: 20

* Professional administration.

* Player's made helper team.

* Powerful dedicated server.

* All 81+ skills working.

* Auto learn skills

* Auto loot


Special Features



* Flood protection.

* Exploit protection.

* Farming Zone

* Starting level 81.

* Buff Time 2h.

* Auto Events

* Instance Zone

* Custom TvT Command: .tvt (join team)


Custom Features



- Global Teleport

- GM Shop

- Class Master

- NPC Buffer, with full Buff, Dances, Songs and Chants.



Website: [glow=blue,2,100]HERE[/glow]

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too much farming for my taste and its unballanced... you start with 250 million with lvl 81 and you need about 175kk only for the weapon? you need about 750kk for full dynasty not evrybody wants to make 6 chars and freight money Oo y i know you can buy normal s grade. who cares.... Get the prices down and make the mobs in the farmzone easyer... Because you need 5-10 min with a tank to kill a freaking mob! i know, why i dont make mage? not evrybody likes playing mages! fighter ftw...


one more crapy mage server...

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is not much farming...play and see...






Read them carefully.

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