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  1. One more day for opening day..Nice video on the webpage ....
  2. Can wait for monday guys, EVERYTHING on the server looks good..Now let hope the pvp is as good as the server.
  3. will join the server..Awesome job on the site..Thank you for rethinking the Farming zone...My clan an I will be here on opening day :)
  4. Try it and don't like the buff system ...good luck with the server
  5. Like a say, server look awesome.. Not sure what other things you guys are working on for the farm zone. I'am telling you; one farm zone have been try for so many years & many different ways & it never work :) Also the beta time is way to long dude really! My clan an I would join your server right now, but playing for weeks and then wipe is no fun..One week then wipe not problem, but weeks and weeks of playing then wipe suck balls!
  6. Server look good, Beta is too long..You going to have some players come in play for a few days and leave..fine other server and forget your opening day. 1 farm zone never works on any server. Clan war Suck, +16 noob players picking on new members. Ass player would just have one place to be dicks in...ETC rethink your farm zone...
  7. Just finish trying the server...Everything look good but I hate server were am lev 50+ an still running with D grade item..I know I know is a x35...But the adena rate is just not for me..Good luck with server
  8. Website not working for me? or the server close?
  9. I got scam by this guys..Joy the server but never donate guys...Is a all around server scam...For the love of god never donate on any of this guys server
  10. server off....Good try! better luck next time
  11. I recommended this server for a clan/group like you guys. Opening next week: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=175787.0
  12. We were going to join but just found out the server allow bots....Gl to the server! Below is the link to the server forum were Admin tell someone is ok to bot,,, http://l2inception.de/smf/index.php?topic=326.0