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[Gracia Final L2j] L2 Justice:PvP server(OFFLINE)


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Hello there, heres a brandly new L2j Gracia F server.



- 3000exp/10 000adena rates

- Banking System

- Custom Global Gatekeeper

- NPC Buffer

- Full GM Shop

- Automated TvT Events

- 2 Weeks Olympiad

- Custom Noblesse

- Custom Raid Bosses with fast respawn

- Champion Monsters with huge EXP reward

- Fully working Augmentations

- All Agathions in shops

- Raid Boss jewels and etc.

- Special item drop from raids

- Auto Learn skills till Lv 80

- Divine Inspiration for increased buff slots (retail buff slots count)

- 2 hours Buff Time

- Balanced classes & skills!

- Geodata & Pathnodes

- Spawn Protection

- The ultimate PvP Experience!

- Active development team

- Join and make your own justice!


If intrested - heres the host: L2authd.lineage2.com L2testauthd.lineage2.com nProtect.lineage2.com


Account auto-created.


Have fun!


P.S. Enchant rates are 66% normal and 76%  blessed

Max Weapon +16

Max Armor/Jev +10




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