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[Tool]L2 Host Changer v1

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Well i started VB before..hm.. 4 hours? I don't know xD

So here's what i've made .. A program which changes your host files ,so you don't have to download patches and shits and it may make your life easier ^.^

Feautures :

* List servers from a server with their IP address.

* Check if the server is online

* A big database of servers

* Updater of the database from a remote site ( In construction.. )

* Easy to use

* Log window

* Giving you the posibility to modify/add server by name and IP





Download v1.0


One BIG thanks to DragonHunter and Stealth for their help! I wouldn't do it without them! :)

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I think he made a mistake with title,because this happened to me too...i search for this with the title for example "[Tool] Host Changer v1" and i dont find nothing.But when i post,others find for me title like this "v1 Host Changer".I think he doesnt want to copy/paste :)
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give the Credits to Stealth....

Dude did you saw the pics?...

what an idiot >.>

Yes its based on his source which he shared in the internet and he gave right to me for this edit.

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