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[TLK][3.3.5a] Fhatys-WoW


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Name Server: Fhatys-WoW


Website: www.fhatys.hu English: http://www.fhatys.hu/page.php?11'>http://www.fhatys.hu/page.php?11


Information / Features


Fhatys-WoW was created by some old players to prevent them from any Admin's mood for random ban's and feeding others. Main goal is to create a community where anyone can feel safe hes/her character without any corruption.


We have working blizzlike scripted instances, DeathKnight support with fully scripted epic quests, own developed quests (in hungarian language) with balanced rewards, and a lot of things that simple mangos servers doesent have, like wehicle support, fully working BG/Arena, outdoor pvp events (Wintergrasp) and many-many things. Also we use VMAP!


At this time VIP is available only for Hungarian peoples, but VIP gives only some funny commands to use, NO teleport, nor modify money or so, it is really balanced and not harm the gameplay. Soon we will support VIP for non-hungarian players too.


Server is started at 2009 sept. 19. We have a growing community, so do not waste your'e time to search for a good blizzlike server, join us today!


- You can reach us at our forum's English session:



- When you want to register, use google's translator :)




- Account registration:


http://www.fhatys.hu    <-- click on: Account Reg.




- Realmlist: set realmlist wow.fhatys.hu

- Client: We support atm. up to the WotlK 3.3.5a (12340) client.


Machine Wich Hold Up the server


- We have own machine placed in datacenter with 100 Mbit net.

- We use Linux system, Core2Quad processor, mirrored 500 GB raid HDD's and 8 GB DDR3 ram.

- We use TrinityCore for the emulator, always latest TDB and own things for DB.


Staff Names


Admin/Head GM/Dev.: Ident


Server Rates


We are mainly a blizzlike 1x server with some custom rates applyed like:


Xp: 1x

Drop: 1x

Hp-mana-rage-runic: 1x

Quest: 1x

Honor: 2x

Reputation: 3x






ps: please notify that we dont use the ticket system, but the forum!



We updated our server to WotlK 3.3.5a (12340)


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Good luck with your server but you must add the icc raid

as soon as possible .


Thanks, many updates will come in the upcoming weeks, so there is a possibility that ICC will be one of them step-by-step with scripts.

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