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[move]List of AdminMod commands[/move]




admin_abort_vote: Aborts a vote in progress.

admin_balance <"on" | "off">: Sets the forced team balancing.

admin_ban <target or WONID or IP> [<minutes>] ['ip']: Bans target. 0 minutes is a permanent ban.

admin_banip <target or WONID or IP> [<minutes>]: Bans targets ip address. 0 minutes is a permanent ban.

admin_blue <target>: Changes target to the blue team.

admin_bury <target>: Bury target in the ground.

admin_cancelvote: Cancels the current hlds_ld vote.

admin_cfg <config file>: Executes config file on server.

admin_chat <msg>: Shows message only to other admins.

admin_csay <msg>: Shows message in center of screen.

admin_ct <target>: Changes target to the counter-terrorist team.

admin_denymap <map>: Removes all votes for map.

admin_disco: Starts disco fever. Fun mode only.

admin_dmesg <idtype> <userid> <message>: Direct message

admin_execall <command>: Force everyone to execute command.

admin_execclient <target> <command>: Force target to execute command.

admin_execteam <team> <command>: Force everyone on team to execute command.

admin_fraglimit <fraglimit>: Sets the mp_fraglimit cvar.

admin_friendlyfire <friendlyfire>: Sets the mp_friendlyfire cvar.

admin_fun <"on" | "off">: Turns fun mode on or off.

admin_gag <target> [<minutes>]: Gag target. 0 minutes is a permanent gag.

admin_glow <color | "off">: Causes you to glow that color.

admin_godmode <target> <"on" | "off">: Sets godmode on target.

admin_gravity <gravity>: Sets the sv_gravity cvar.

admin_green <target>: Changes target to the green team.

admin_hostname <name>: Sets the hostname cvar.

admin_kick <target> [<reason>]: Kicks target.

admin_listmaps: Shows maps in mapcycle.

admin_listspawn: Lists all spawned entities.

admin_llama <target>: Llama-fy target.

admin_map <map>: Changes map.

admin_messagemode <command>: Will treat 'say' as command.

admin_motd: Displays a MOTD style window on the client with a msg of your choice.

admin_movespawn <identity> <X> <Y> <Z> <XAngle> <YAngle> <ZAngle>: Moves a spawned item.

admin_nextmap: Shows next map in cycle.

admin_noclip <target> <"on" | "off">: Sets noclip on target.

admin_nomessagemode: Will treat 'say' as 'say'.

admin_nopass: Clears the server's password.

admin_pass <password>: Sets the server's password.

admin_pause: Sets the pausable cvar to 1.

admin_prematch <prematch>: Sets the tfc_clanbattle_prematch cvar.

admin_psay <target> <msg>: Sends a private msg to target.

admin_rcon <cmd>: Executes rcon command.

admin_red <target>: Changes target to the red team.

admin_reload: Reloads Admin Mod files.

admin_removespawn <identity>: Removes a spawned item.

admin_restart <seconds>: Restarts the round.

admin_restartround <seconds>: Restarts the round.

admin_restrict: Control restrictions - admin_restrict help for details.

admin_restrictmenu: Displays menu for changing weaponrestrictions.

admin_say <msg>: Shows a message from you as admin.

admin_servercfg <config file>: Sets the config file as the server's default.

admin_slap <target>: Slaps target.

admin_slay <target>: Slays target.

admin_slayteam <team>: Slays everyone on team.

admin_spawn <class> <X> <Y> <Z> <XAngle> <YAngle> <ZAngle>: Spawns a new item.

admin_ssay <msg>: Shows a message admin without identification.

admin_stack: Will stack everyone on top of you.

admin_startvote: Starts an hlds_ld vote.

admin_t <target>: Changes target to the terrorist team.

admin_teamplay <teamplay>: Sets the mp_teamplay cvar.

admin_teleport <target> <X> <Y> <Z>: Teleports target to the given coordinates. See admin_userorigin.

admin_timeleft: Shows the time left.

admin_timelimit <timelimit>: Sets the mp_timelimit cvar.

admin_tsay <msg>: Prints msg on lower left of screen.

admin_unban <WONID or IP>: Unbans target.

admin_unbury <target>: un-Bury target from the ground.

admin_ungag <target>: Ungag target.

admin_unllama <target>: Unllama-fy target.

admin_unpause: Sets the pausable cvar to 0.

admin_unrestrict: Control restrictions - admin_unrestrict help for details.

admin_userlist [<name>]: Shows a list of users.

admin_userorigin <target>: Returns the X, Y, Z coordinates of target.

admin_vote_kick <target>: Starts a vote to kick target.

admin_vote_map <map>: Starts a vote to change the map.

admin_vote_restart: Starts a vote to restart the round.

admin_vsay <question>: Presents question as a vote.

admin_yellow <target>: Changes target to the yellow team.

say glow <color | "off">: Causes you to glow that color. Fun mode only.        


[move]List of AMXX Commands[/move]




amx_addadmin [password] [authtype] - automatically add specified player as an admin to use

amx_addban [reason]

amx_ban [reason]

amx_banip [reason]

amx_banmenu - displays ban menu

amx_cancelvote - cancels last vote


amx_cfgmenu - displays configs menu

amx_chat - sends message to admins

amx_clcmdmenu - displays client cmds menu

amx_cmdmenu - displays commands menu

amx_csay - sends center hud message to all players

amx_cvar [value]

amx_cvarmenu - displays cvars menu

amx_help [nr of cmds (only for server)] - displays this help

amx_kick [reason]

amx_kickmenu - displays kick menu


amx_leave [tag] [tag] [tag]


amx_mapmenu - displays changelevel menu

amx_menu - displays menus available to client


amx_off - pauses some plugins

amx_on - unpauses some plugins

amx_pause - pause or unpause the game

amx_pausecfg - list commands for pause/unpause managment

amx_pausecfgmenu - pause/unpause plugins with menu

amx_psay - sends private message



amx_say - sends message to all players


amx_slap [power]

amx_slapmenu - displays slap/slay menu


amx_speechmenu - displays speech menu

amx_statscfg - displays help for stats configuration

amx_statscfgmenu - displays stats configuration menu

amx_teammenu - displays team menu

amx_teleportmenu - displays teleport menu

amx_tsay - sends left side hud message to all players


amx_vote <ANSWER#1<ANSWER#2



amx_votemap [map] [map] [map]

amx_votemapmenu - displays votemap menu

amxmodmenu - displays menus

say @[@|@|@][w|r|g|b|y|m|c] - displays hud message

say /currentmap - display current map (say)

say /ff - display friendly fire status (say)

say /hp - display info. about your killer (chat)

say /me - display current round stats (chat)

say /rank - display your rank (chat)

say /rankstats - display your server stats (MOTD)

say /report - display waepon status (say_team)

say /score - display last score (chat)

say /stats - display players stats (menu/MOTD)

say /statsme - display your stats (MOTD)

say /switch - switch client's stats on or off

say /thetime - display the time (say)

say /timeleft - display time left on map (say)

say /top15 - display top 15 players (MOTD)

say nextmap - displays nextmap

say thetime - displays current time

say timeleft - displays timeleft

say_team @ - displays message to admins




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