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[info]Your Custom WoW UI!


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Hey Guys


Well as a WoW gamer i like to check other players interface,so i made this topic

As the title sais anyone who wants can post his wow UI here so everyone can see it


Here's mine :)






Well for everyone who likes my UI check this site.. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info11255-CaithUI.html

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X-perl - health bars

Recount - Damage meter

Bagnon - 1 bag

Natur - See what enemy is casting

Dominos - Actionbars: Resizable, transparency, Hide actionbars you don't want to see, Hide macro texts: For example you got a macro named "kill". You can choose not to show the "kill" text when you place it to your hotbar.

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actually post pics via thumb or something bcs i cant see details on these,neither click them

From my picture you can. Right click -> Pic picture adresss -> paste it to web browser. Didn't test the other ones.

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Hm... That's a very old post I have to admit :P

Anyway the Addons used there are:


SpartanUI (that's the most important one)

PitBull (Raid Frames)







Unfortunately this UI is now deleted, and I can't upload it anywhere.




That's my new UI if anyone's interested.



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