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So I'm guessing most of you know I don't comply with Interlude Projects and I don't offer them help at all.

But this time I decided to open an exception and give help to an old friend.

Here's the result:


Gracia Final:


protected void onForcedDisconnection()
	if (_log.isDebugEnabled())
		_log.info("Client " + toString() + " disconnected abnormally.");
		final String POINTS = "olympiad_points";
		final int charId = _activeChar.getObjectId();

		OlympiadGame game = Olympiad.getInstance().getOlympiadGames().get(_activeChar.getOlympiadGameId());

		L2PcInstance _opponent = L2World.getInstance().getPlayer(_activeChar.getOlympiadOpponentId());

		final StatsSet playerStat = Olympiad.getNobleStats(charId);
		final int playerPoints = playerStat.getInteger(POINTS);
		final int lostPoints = playerPoints / 3;

		playerStat.set(POINTS, playerPoints - lostPoints);
		Olympiad.updateNobleStats(charId, playerStat);
		SystemMessage sm = new SystemMessage(SystemMessageId.C1_HAS_LOST_S2_OLYMPIAD_POINTS);
                       _log.info("Olympiad Fighter " + _activeChar.getName() + " has been Punished and Lost " + lostPoints + " Points.");




Well just click here since I made that lool.


What does it do ?

Basically if the player disconnects from Olympiad (Ctrl + Alt + Del) his Olympiad Points are reduced to 1 / 3 and displays the information to his opponent. The thing is you'll have to change the visibility of some methods however, if you don't want to do this the best way is to make a new method on OlympiadGame and just call it from L2GameClient.


Hope you find it useful.

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you added this code?




* ID: 782<br> 
* Message: $s1 Has Lost $s2 Olympiad Points. 

nop i just did thanks guma :D

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