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[SUGGEST]A rulez for L2J Dev Section help


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TItle says all.. Im kinda sick from topic titles like

"OMIGAD WTF IS THIS!!"!!??!!?!

"MEN PLIZ HELP!?!!!!!"

and so on..

also some topics are just like

"I have error how to fix it?!"

and we have to be mediums to understand what the beep he is talking about.

Think about it.Hope it wont be rejected.

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I ask you to think this, 30% of people that need help doenst post in the right section 60% of the one that post in the right section ([Request] Dev Help [L2J]) doesnt post with tags, only 10% post with tag [help].


Even if we make rules for that section, people will NOT read it, like they do with private server section (you don't have an idea of how many topic titles i have fixed alredy xP)


If it makes you feel happy i'll make some rules for that section, but don't expect big changes :/


Here you go:




I try to make them as easier as i could, if you have any other thing you want to add to the rules just pm me ;)

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