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[HELP] Customized Weapons/Armors

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I followed CriticalErr0r's guide on how to customize textures for weapons and armors. First, I used l2decrypt for LineageWeaponsTex.utx, and got LineageWeaponsTex.clear.utx as a result of that. The problem is that, after I used l2tool.exe, and saved it as xxx.unreal.utx. But my problem was that, when I tried to open it with UnrealEngine2 Editor, I got an error:Texture LineageWeaponsTex.vesper_avenger.vesper_effect_mk: Serial size mismatch: Got 51, Expected 44090




Also, I tried opening with UT Package Tool (a.k.a. UTPT) and I still got an error, when I tried to save it as DDS (Extract as Image -> All MpMaps as DDS) I got an error, once again..








This is the ScreenShot of the error:



width=1024 height=640http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/1292/utpt2.png[/img]



'Access violation at address 0068D8C6 in module 'UTPT.exe'. Read of address 00000008'

I've searched everywhere and couldn't find anything.. Maybe I didn't search well enought, but any help would be welcome.

So.. Please help. xD

Thanks. :)



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