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Apla 1 pragma.. WTF?!


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Kalisperizw community..


Exw ena prob,den exei kamia sxesh me DEV klp,apla den hksera pou na to valw to topic,kai to ekana edw. So please, mh me kraksete.

Elpizw o fakoykas na to metaferei ;) Buhaha!



Mpainw sto l2 ( Opoion dipote IL server ),Paizw 2' - 10' k eeeeeeeeeeeeerxetai to lag. Ti ennoo.. Px,eimaste 2 atoma pt,k kollaw, o allos kounetai,exparei ,kanei pick up klp. Kai egw exw kollisei,gia 10'' - 15'' . Elpizw na eksigisa kala ti paizei,giati exei arxisei kai spaei mpales auto to pragma. Ekopsa to l2 gia 1 mhna logw autou tou pragmatos,kai twra vrika server ( L2dust ),kai surfarw sto forum na dw gia walkies klp.


Euxaristw,na to pw apo twra,mias kai kserw pws tha me voi8isoun atoma pou doun.

Kai sorry gia to wrong section.



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exeis prospathisi install kai reinstall t client?


Exw kanei install re-install. Des edw auto . Elpizw na mhn peirazei pou vazw link apo allo forum..




Exw dokimasei oti leei. Tpt den voi8ise. Isa isa,to 'lag' xeiroterepse gia 5 sec ;(

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mipos theleis kana format na strwsei to pc sou ? to piges gia sintirisi? mipos exeis kana trojan?




Ekana format,sintirw monos mou to pc,exw kaspersky/panda.


Kai exw VISTA! (Svista),alla opws eipa kai prin. To 'lag' ksafnika arxise.

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svhse ola ta download/torrent an epimenei to problhma tote fftaei h grammh s


File mou, den kanw dl apo to desktop pc, exw to laptop gi'autes tis douleies ( EInai gia th douleia mou to laptop,ara dn mporw na peksw l2).

Dokimasa na epikoinoniso me to ISP,mou lene papantzes -Anamenwn-.

Tespa,euxaristw gia to reply. Kalh sunexeia.

Btw,nice sign.

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Φίλε εχεις πρόβλημα με την σύνδεσή σου 100%..Αυτο με το πάγωμα του παιχνιδιού γίνεται γιατι το Internet σου πέφτει για λίγα δευτερόλεπτα και ξαναρχεται πολύ γρήγορα, γι αυτο δεν σε πετάει κ disconnect(ο χρόνος ειναι πολυ μικρός)..Εχω ακριβως το ίδιο πρόβλημα!

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