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It's the first time that I report someone, but I do it because this person is in the stuff, so he shouldn't behave like that.






4 posts??



I have seen somewhere that one "bump" per day is allowed...


Anyway, it's up to you.

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and why he logins only on forum for the marketplace? i have long time to see some shares from him =/

I didn't want to say about this...

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maybe cause its summer?

If u don't know then don't talk.

He didn't take his promote on the summer.


Extreme knows what he's talking about...

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It is not up to you deciding who's active/inactive staff member and who shares and who does not.


And this is Market section, since she (mexican24) didn't sell the items yet and wants to, she can be updating it and bumping it how she likes.


Please report only serious spammers and not Staff members that are trying to sell their items. Thanks for understading.



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in this case i have to break my believes for once...


Mia (aka mexican24) was the first uploader of the forum with nazghoul and i have to say that i proposed her to become one as bot expert almost 2 year ago.nazghoul too!


as for this topic most of you are completely wrong and i dont refer about mexican only


@ lain i agree only with this and you all better re-think of that :S

It is not up to you deciding who's active/inactive staff member and who shares and who does not.

the rest i disagree you re wrong ;D


@extremedwarf: mexican is getting married...i dont think L2 is more important at this time instead of a marriage...


first link modified

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    • I started with C4 on dexternet, then higher rates like elite pvp and clones of it on interlude. Later made my own servers and stopped playing after that. Then when Aion was available as private servers I started playing it, stopped, played a lil bit of wow on private and stopped again after a few months. When I didn't play L2 or an mmo, I would play games like elder scrolls oblivion & Skyrim (got like thousands of hours in that game) replayed games a lot like mass effect and assassin's creed. Right now its mostly cyberpunk 2077 and try out different builds.   My first mmo was mu online, quite popular in Romania. And our main internet provider Digi, actually hosts or hosted the largest mu online server, linkmania.   Im thinking of picking up guild wars 2.   Regret not playing archage at launch   L2 is mostly dead to me, i liked it till C5, then it turned in this weirdo korean fantasy game.
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