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Welcome to L][Zero


LINK :[ http://www.l2zero.my1.ru/index/0-4 ]

After the server will be more populated , we will buy website domain


Server opened : 09.08.2009


Custom server / No Donation


War armor= Epic red

PvP armor = Vesper

War weapons= Demonic

PvP weapons= Epic

War Wings

War Mask

War Tattoos


This is a full PvP server !


You will be full in no time !


In almost 20-30 mins you will have all what you need


*Full interlude server


* Siege Fixes


* Phx Announce / Warehouse Enchant / Pet Enchant / Teleport / Dupe protection


* SubClass StuckSkills Not Working , SubClass Stuck SA With Weapons Fixed


* Augment Skills On


* FUSION Skills Working ( Kabobula , Tapirawa , Shabonooba )


* SIGNET Skills Working 100%


* Salvation / Soul of The Phoenix Working


* Mirage Working , Counter Attack Working


* Total Skills Working 98%


* Interlude Locations 100%


* Custom Hero item


* Custom Noblesse item


* Bugless geodata


* Tvt Every Hour


* CTF Every 5Hour's


* Custom Away System


* Life stones On

* Banking System Comand .deposit,.withdraw



* Rates


*RateXp = 3000.


*RateSp = 3000.


*RatePartyXp = 2.


*RatePartySp = 2.  


*RateDropAdena = 1000.



* Enchant Rate


* Normal:75%  


* Blessed:99%  


* Crystal:85%  


* Enchant Max




* Enchant Safe


* +7  




P.S: The server is not mine , but is the server of a friend

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Pff if you search for a pvp server all you can find are just like this one . Max +25 , full of customs and damn OP Adv class . To me it sounds like a lolserver . Where is the old Eko servers ? pph buffs in shop dance / song / 3rd class retail no uber star wars gear ?

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Are you saying that in 20-30 min i can have any Custom stuff that you added in there and hole gear +25 ?


Well..something like that !!


A mob drops 5 gb and and to be full , you will need 100gb...so...calculate and Shhh..

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Are you telling me to shh ? To be honest it's kinda dumb to add a "farm" like this ... would have not be easyer to make safe / max 6 and no custom stuff ? Not to mention everything to be free . You would have a full server by this features , all Lineage 2 Forums are full of this kind of server requests but looks like no one is reading them . Trust me by my setup you would not have 3 downloads at you system file ;) .

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Sasha_ ...why u dont try the server and after that you can comment...but try the server and after that tell me your opinion...dont post here your comment just for making post count !


Try the server and then comment !

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Post count ? Neah i don get a medal if i have 1 bil posts around here ... so i tested your server and it's the definition of lol . So for all users around here if you whant to have a mage that have 9k M.atk with no buffs / Weapon / Dyes this is your server . Ive managed to have 45k M.atk with some lol +13 weapon . Shops are retarted basicly you go to the Custom Shop and buy stuff for 50 Adena and re-sell for 5kk / pieace , i made 2 bil in no time . War Armors have no stat working and War is well OP it's a small word :D . So let's all run into this server and 1 hit each other. There is no work put into this server just some added files and boom server was UP . As a final statement Major League Fail Server , there are tons of servers like this out there and still no one is doing nothing .

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1hit servers ftw. Tho if the administrator/developer decrease custom stats and somehow make balance between classes. Mate this would really be a nice server to play on.

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GM won't work to the server , because he can't do nothing ... if this is his Beta err it's like i am playing some new game in pre alfa . He dosen't even understand the meaning of Beta and you people ask him to do balance ? blah he is just some kiddo with a lolserver.

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Totally failed server .. I had a conversation with the admin and he sounded like a kid that have opened his first server .. he dont have other GMs and asked me for help ... Enchanted my weapon to 24 for no reason ( maybe corruption in the future ). His English sux. Dunno what else to say I wont play here ;]


PS. He banned me when I asked him how old is he :D

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