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[TRICK]Fake Res


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Hay people ! :P

I found a way to escape if you are a PK and that you did not have to drop when you killed the client to send "07" and your ID, you can find it at a paket Target : out that at the example of 07 E1 60 09 10


07(red) - comand to res char

ID(yellow) - your ID , for your ID target self find paket "Action"  example B1 E1 60 09 10 01 00 00 00

Green - its your ID


Good Luck  ;)


Test in wery good server ))


PS: Its nise where has buffer you res this trik go heal and you alive)))

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Tc already posted by me ;D



p.s. A nice trick, will i try to explain to those who don't understand...

when you have karma pk(and counter pk >5), anyway you dont want lose things. For this, when u r PK and when u r dead, just send one package to client. This package should be read:

07 E1 60 09 10

"07" - comand to resurrect char, than: "ID" (ur ID , To find ur ID - target self and find package "Action"  example B1 E1 60 09 10 01 00 00 00). Green - its your ID


PS: Its nice on server where has  npc buffer. You resurrect by this trik, than go heal and u r alive)


I hope its more understandable explanation...


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Its already posted ,and i think from Raigon as he told before ,i have saw it on other topic 100% .

Just search with that phx code on the search button maybe it will show the topic.


/off topic

dont blame raigon for double posting ,some times an internet termination or something like this  could cause you to double post .

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Sry for the double posting...bad internet :(


The ways are just different-thre result it`s the same.


I cant compare, because I dont see ur Hyde, but I believe you.


you must hide ur post under the Hyde at 100, after I too hide my explanation.


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