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Armors~>Helmets,FullChest Armor A(sets) Armor S(sets), Boots, Gloves, Shield Dusk.

Weapons~>Swords Simple, Sword double, Duals, Daggers, bows, first, Weapons SA.

Jewels~>No Grade, D, C ,B ,A , S Mono Tatteo Oxi epics!

TaToos~>Only Tattoo of Soul, Tattoo Of Avadon Ean thelete prisotera reply to fix.

Accessories~>Pets, Weapon mob, Mask, Cloak, UnderWear, FireWork, Echo,Hair style.

Consumables~>Potions, Scrolls , SS/Bsss , L2Day Scrolls( for tvt), Dyes, Other items.

Quest~> Cardine letter, Clan Skills.





DownLoad Link:http://www.4shared.com/file/120202431/3d591127/Gm_Shop_By_IamAl0n3.html




Afto to GM Shop To Pira Apo To English Section .. DEN Douleve Ipirxe ERROR Stin Database.. To Eftiaksa Kai Tou Evgala / Evala Pragmata.. Fixara Kapia Bug P Eixe Opos Edine Lathos Items & Adena Bugs) Kai Einai Etoimoparadoto Se Sas


Elpizo na sas arese.

Oti Bug Breite reply edw na to ftiaxo amesos.

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1on Afou To Pires Apo TO English Section Dn 9 Eprepe Na Dwseis Credits....

2on m Fainete Kalo San Gm Shop 9 to dokimasw....

opos proanaferw to pira apo to ENG section apo list.. kai dn eimai se thesi distixos na doso credits logo tou oti dn thimamai .. pantos dn pernw tin arxiki doulia sto onoma m.. pira ena gm shop pou dn douleve(error DB) apla m arese kai editara polla pragmata kai to ekana share..
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