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  1. Hi, i am looking for a master account system for future usage on my project, is there any trustworthy and tested? *not free versions included.
  2. I can't believe the Low IQ of some people, i was saying it was Fake even before their site published, i know things. But you deserve this, Avoukatos will go free holidays soon! More fake servers will continue to appear the guy needs to pay his Bulgaria Business taxes lol.
  3. Well, the Europeans players are the same too (of course with some exceptions).. they jump servers very easily when they are defeated etc. Anyway regarding Poorly Developed servers is indeed truth all the files in the market has thousand of bugs. I was playing playinera and i can say the quality was very superior that any other server/files i played. https://maxcheaters.com/topic/214689-l2j-playinera/?page=11&tab=comments#comment-2662785 Some times i send their changelogs to other servers i play and have similar bugs but of course they don't care, just to grab the donatio
  4. If you paid for this files then you got scammed dude, i download them because i was curious to see what @Kara` was so upset to be shared, it has a lot of shared code inside and its a messy pack. Few exploits works too that turn me back to 2010.
  5. You are mad and not thinking straight, you shared the files with him, you trusted him its your fault in a way. I am not defending him of course those kind of people have some kind of disability, low IQ or even parents that beat him everyday, you never know. You are the coder, you need to find a way to protect your files not a "MaxCheaters" forum :)
  6. L2Elixir was based on OFF files and not your crappy L2J Interlude files that you used for LineZeus. LineZeus and now L2Elixir are attempts of Lineage2tales (Avoukatos) to earn easy cash by faking everything.
  7. PcAppearance.java public final String getVisibleName() { if (_visibleName == null) { - _visibleName = getOwner().getName(); + return getOwner().getName(); } return _visibleName; } if (_visibleTitle == null) { - _visibleTitle = getOwner().getTitle(); + return getOwner().getTitle(); } return _visibleTitle; }
  8. 1. no 2. yes Its strange , i will try to find the retail fix , but i don't know where the server saves the cooldown when the player is online.
  9. Yes IT happens on all skills expect Blink/rapid shot so far Maybe return checkUseMagicConditions(skill, false, false); those 2 false?
  10. I have one problem with this it happens the same with the above code When i login i can't enchant the skill only if i use it and wait for the reuse :/
  11. When the character login and try to enchant a skill he gets the message. This works only after the char use the skill and wait for the cooldown :P
  12. Thanks now it works fine! Btw do you know what cause this issue? why the skills got refreshed when enchanted? Can we fix it retail like? I think it has something to do with the skill changing skill_level. Do you know where the skill reuse time saved before player make restart? (after restart it saved on character_skills_save) Thanks again :)
  13. seems good but i dont have the checkCanUse in L2PCinstance, do you have it?
  14. only sweets work so far, but it doesn't check for the specific skill
  15. it is working but how can we do it for Skill id check? because now if one skill is on reuse and trying to enchant on another you get the return false