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Skill enchant, skill learning bug/exploit in Dragon-Network 100% workin'

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I heard about there are some skill enchant bug, exploit in DN.

And other, u can learn skills with book what u can drop, but book not disappear cuz u drop it.

A wanna know something about these.

I heard need clicker for this exploit/bug name Aaron's Clicker.

I wanna some screenshots and a little bit explanations how i can learn skills without book disapperaring.

I try it but when i learn skills book disappear very fast and the learnable skills window back to other menu.

If posseble i wanna video too.

Ty very much!


And i heard skills can enchant easy to +15 if u have enough XP.

Exemple u can make from 6 BOGs -> 5x +15 skills. 1 disappear.

It's really workin cuz our clan have a lot of +12, +15 skills in 80 lvl.


If anyone know something about it pls share, included with screenshots and videos too.

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Can u plz repeat the question? What exactly are u looking for?


Skill enchant bug in DN


So i know how its work and i made some +15 skills.

WTS skill enchant exploit for coin in DN. ;D

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i gave some little exploits, but this cant, it's my clan exploit and i didnt found this so sorry.


Yep, i hope topic deleted and/or locked we can't give more info about this exploit.

Cuz only some clan and ppl use this. Sorry but its a secret...

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