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[Share]Dota 6.61b OmG MAP

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Dota OMG is the map based on one of latest DotA Allstars map (currently 6.61b), with one big change — heroes allowed to have any ability.


There are two ways to change hero's skill set — random or pick. Every of them can be activated using it own mode, which must be writen with other game modes.





1. Random abilities


When any hero appears in game (was picked or randomed) it gains 3 random standart abilities and 1 random ultimate. They are random from pool of avaible abilities and go throught some checks


- can be activated by typing -ra with other game modes; more interesting and fun games are with -ardm mode, so blue player must type -ardmra like gamemode

- compatible with every game mode, except -ad


2. Abilities Draft


Every player can choose 3 standart abilities and 1 ultimate for his hero. Picking goes in a draft style. Abilities can be bought in taverns, which are filled with 66 standart abilities and 22 ultimates randomed from pool of avaible abilities.



For More Info + Credits = Click Here


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ah i shared it too without searching bah :( whatever this modes are crazy look a char i got at a game mode there was -ardmra


Picture : 30k6koy.gif

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