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[Gracia Final L2J]Lineage 2 Confused [BETA]


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Welcome dear Rulebreakers.net community,today we've decided to launch the BETA test for our server.Here i'll present some information about the server.Hope to see you ingame!


Server Information -


   * XP: 100x

   * SP: 100x

   * Adena: 250x

   * Party XP: 2x

   * Party SP: 2x


Enchant Information


   * Enchant rate: 60%

   * Blessed enchant Rate: 80% - All

   * Safe enchant: +4

   * Max enchant: 20 (For Weapon) & 15 (For Armor and Jewels)


Custom Changes Information


   * Custom Accessory Shop

   * Custom Event prices - Gift Boxes. (Dropping random items on random %)


   * No Custom Items available

   * GM Shop including all Items.(S84 And S80 without SA)


   * No Subclass quest

   * Noblesse quest is as retail with bigger Pouches drop.

   * Epic Bosses are as Retail's one.


   * NPC buffer with buffs only with the 2nd classes buffs.

   * All buffs last 2 hour.(Except few that got custom time,find out alone.)

   * Global Gatekeeper including most of server's locations.

   * TvT Event joinable in Giran every 2 hours.

   * Geodata working.


   * How to obtain SA weapons?

- You will be able to obtain SA weapons by farming in CoT.

There you obtain mantras which you can change for Mouse Coin (S84)

or Festival Adena (S80).

150 of each mantras = 1 Mouse Coin

100 of each mantras = 1 Festival Adena


Note: Mobs in CoT have chance to drop Mouse Coin/s and Festival Adena/s.


Gracia Final Features Information


  * Aura Birds working. (Not all skills)

  * Gracia Final Skills working. (Most of them)

  * Airships working.

  * Many Gracia Final quests working.


Custom Zones


  * Cave of Trial - Farm Zone.

  * Mobs are dropping adena,ancient adena and mantras. and have chance to drop

random the gift box (monster edition).Each box have the chance

to drop a Mouse Coins,Festival Adena,Life Stones,Blessed Scrolls and GBs.



We're BETA now!

The rates are 10 000xp and 3 000x adena for beta.


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Good luck with ur server Flower..You remind me of overdose 90 ppl 2nd day on -.-... I Hope you have 200+..GL Again m8.

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Don't spam to keep you topic up!!!!!

Im not spamming i'm saying last updates.

Good luck with ur server Flower..You remind me of overdose 90 ppl 2nd day on -.-... I Hope you have 200+..GL Again m8.

Thanks Revenge,hope you'll try it and tell your opinion,its still beginning but yeah...all opinions are welcome.Thanks!

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