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[Request] Exploits Help [En] Rules


In this sub-board, you are able to request for help, as far as Lineage II Exploits are concerned.
You are asked, though, to read the following rules before posting.

- Do not take the time to reply in a help topic, if you have no idea about the problem's solution. Your post will be deleted (if it is wrong), and you will be warned/punished.

- Before opening a new topic put the proper prefix at the topic's title:
[Help], if you need help with anything concerning Lineage II Exploits.
[Request], if you need to request anything like a program, which is related to Lineage II Exploits.
[LF], if you're searching for something  related to Lineage II Exploits.

- Do not BUMP old topics that aren't yours, in order to reply. Your post will be deleted and you will be warned/punished.

- You are allowed to BUMP your own topic, only after 24 hours of your last reply have passed.

- Do not make a new topic to ask for something, if you haven't made sure that it doesn't exist already.
How to know if what you are searching for is already here? Use the Search Function!

- The language you can speak here is English. If you are willing to make a new topic in greek, then use this sub-board.



Follow these rules and everything in this section will be well organised.

Thank you,
MaxCheaters® Staff.

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