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[CS 1.6][Updated]Movie Guide for Newbies.


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This guide will teach you how to make Counter-Strike clips and host them so you can show them to friends or post them on forums. Note that this guide is made as basic as possible while still retaining some quality to your clip. You should have a basic knowledge of Counter-Strike and CS demos before you tackle the rest of this guide. This guide is not by any means meant to teach you how to make your clip with exceptional quality and editting.


So, let's get started with our clip!!


First of all, you need a demo.In this case, I have recorded my own demo (Test demo) to show you the basic steps of creating a clip.

All credits for the whole guide are mine, with images, the result of the clip and much more.


Step 1.Creating a Demo:


In order to record a demo of your gameplay, you have to open your console "~" and type "record <demo name>" without "" & <>.

It will give you a message in your console "<Demo name> started recording".

To stop the demo, just open again the console and type "stop" without "".


Step 2.The necessary settings for the movie:

The better quality your movie is, the most people will enjoy watching it.So, for making your clip/movie in high definition, you have to go

to your settings and change the following settings (image):




Step 3.Playing the Demo for record:

In CSS (Counter Strike Source), to play a demo and then make it movie, you type in console "playdemo".But in CS there is a small difference.

You must type "viewdemo <demo name>" without <>, and then a small video controlling menu will pop up.

Your demo is going to start playing, and from the small menu, you can controll it.




Step 4.Start your clip/movie record:

Now, it's the time to start recording your clip/movie.Stop the demo in the point you want to start your clip (with video control menu) and then open your console and type "startmovie <name of the movie> 90" without "" & <>.

Then press Esc on your keyboard and let the demo playing.It will play in a slow motion.





Step 5.Stop your clip/movie record:

When you are done with your record, all you have to do is to open your console and type "endmovie" without "".




Step 6.Making your clip/movie to .AVI:


First of all, you have to download 2 things.Firstly download Virtual Bub and then download XviD 1.1.0.

Install Virtual Bub and then XviD 1.1.0.

Once you have installed Virtual Bub, go to File>Open Video File.

Selece the 1st part of your movie (in my case test00001) and make sure you have ticked the option "Automatically load linked segments"




Then, Virtual Bub will take all of the .bmp files of your clip/movie.Now, go to Video>Fast recompress and then go to Video>Compression.




Select the XviD MPEG-4 Codec and then press OK.




Now, you are closely done, all your have to do is to go to Edit>Save as AVI... and then just wait until it converts your clip/movie.






Step 7.Editing in Sony Vegas:


After the convertion of your .bmp files to .AVI, drag the .AVI to your Sony Vegas and there you can edit it as you want.

But before editing your video, go to "Edit>Properties" and make your settings as the following (image) so your movie will be in High Definition in any video website you upload it (Youtube etc):




There is just one problem.You video is going to be without sound.Just video.I think this is better for Movie Makers because in CS there are many useless sounds that you can't delete from the video, but you can add all of the sounds of the game that you want by going to: C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/YourAccount/CounterStrike/Cstrike/Sounds.


Here is a result I made in 10 minutes ^^ ...It is edited with Sony Vegas Pro 8.




You can find tutorals about SV8 at www.infprod.com and you can also visit this video for Some Cool Color setting for Sony Vegas.


I will keep this topic updated with new things about Movie making and soon a Tutorial Video is coming from me.


Cheers, Infected!





CS 1.6 Movie CFG: It removes spectators bars,chatbox,the huds, it only leaves the deathnotices (kills)

Download at: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?den2k4mgzhy

Installation: From everything you get there, change the name of "userconfig.cfg" to "movie.cfg" and copy it in your cstrike>cfg file.

Then launch your game and type in console "exec movie.cfg"


I haven't tried it yet (the installation way) but I will tomorrow and tell you results, but it should work like this.




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Awesome! I told you for this guide from msn :P +1 karma as i promised you! ;)

Keep up man!


Thanks for the karma.

Tomorrow (because I was bored today) I will post some SV8 Tutorials that are really useful and ofc I will share a Movie CFG (Movie Config) that you can make your movie WAY MUCH BETTER ;)

See ya tomorrow ^^

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AWESOME that what i need

i need your help of course for my new video xD

i give you the frags and you edit it :D

if you want of course :D

so?? ^^

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AWESOME that what i need

i need your help of course for my new video xD

i give you the frags and you edit it :D

if you want of course :D

so?? ^^


Yes, he do this job :P http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=70033.0

post your demos here :D :D

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