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WTT Items on L2INC for Items on L2DeathWhisper *Updated*

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WTS:Valakas+30 x2  



      Ic. Hall+25(150 wind x1)x2

      Ic. Spirit+20

      Ic. Bow+25

      Ic. Bow+30(150 Holy)

      Dyn.Robe Set+30 Wizard

      Dyn.Heavy Set+30 Wep. Master

      Dynasty Shield+30                            

      Nephlim Lord Shield+25

      Birthday Hat

      Refined Angel Ring

      Refined Devil Horn

      Vesper Robe+30 Set Full Attribute

      Vesper Light+30 Set Full Attribute

      Vesper Bow+30 Holy Attribute lvl 4

      1.6 kk FA.



i sell them or trade for items on L2DeathWhisper/L2Mafia Stucksubs/L2Mafia KvN 02/L2Dubai or........   pm me here on MxC.!


P.S:U Have To Know That If u Decide To Trade With Me U Are Gonna Trade me First Ur Items Cuz I TRUST NONE Anymore !!!



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Whisper set +7 heavy,

DC Set +13 ,

Tattoo of absolute +19,

Jewel set +15,

Tattoo of pledge +15,

Whisper Shield (or w/e the custom one) +7 (+200 pdef)

The best clan + full clan skills (donator clan :D)

Char with over 7k pvp's ,yellow name.

I`m giving you the whole character for something >.< newbie to l2inc ;d You got my MSn.. :/ gl!:D

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Yes i did,i scammed u cuz BloodyHero scammed me and i needed to get back what i lost fast...and because im not that guy that scamming ppl and i couldnt scamm u (i didnt feel well for scamming ppl) i put my friend to make the trade with u so i can keep my mind and my soul clean.


Leeory and BloodyHero traded me first and everything goes fine except that BloodyHero scammed me at first time and then at second time too...


Im sorry but as i said i needed to get back what i loose from BloodyHero...and now i get it...from now on trades will be fine,if some1 dont want to trade me i can understand but im not trading first anymore.


Now if u want to buy for real money is 100 % sure that i cant scamm u cuz u can report me to PayPal and Paypal got my credit card...so...i said what i had to said.


Sorry Again.

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    • Does anyone know the name of the program/interface you use to see the health of epics on Essence (Crusader patch)? It is about the new L2Reborn Essence server.   If anyone can help me would be greatly appreciated
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