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L2-Temptation [temptation-network.com] Gracia FINAL L2J


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Dear MaxCheaters community.


L2-Temptation is a highrate l2J Gracia FINAL server with WORKING (yes, we mean WORKING not "working") Vesper items and Gracia final skills.

We took L2jfree's base code FOUR months ago and are actively developing it BY OURSELVES ever since. We are NOT one of those crappy one day servers who can't even compile their code by themselves.

Professionalism, dedicated staff and friendly game masters helping you ingame is what makes us special.  






We started out as a x5000 rate server but after a month closed it down due to low population. We restructured it, changed lots of things and came back as we promised.


We are now online without any problems for about 3 weeks with an average of 150+ daily and still rapidly rising.


Our server is located in Germany, more precisely Frankfurt. It is a Quadcore opteron with 4GB of ram hosted on a dedicated 100mbit connection. Reason we picked Germany is because it has a perfect routing to entire Europe, which makes sure you will always have a fluent gameplay (ping of 60 and less).



------------------------------------------------------ Rates: ------------------------------------------------------


Adena/XP/SP: x1000

Drop rate x3

Spoil rate x2

Manor x3

Enchant rate is retail like: 66% for normal, 66% for blessed, Safe +3

Max enchant: 20

Weight limit: factor of x7 so you can carry 7x more weight.

Item slots: 100 for normal players, 120 for dwarfs.

Buff duration: 60 minutes for normal buffs dances and songs. 40 minutes for prophecies.


------------------------------------------------------Features: ------------------------------------------------------


Maximum amount of subclasses: 5 (subclass quest not needed)

Noblesse status: By quest, Urn items however can be bought in GMshop

Buff slots: 24 for buffs + 12 additional for dances/songs

Skills are auto learned. Level 81+ can be obtained by books only (dropped by raidbosses)

Global town: Parnassus You respawn there regarding where you died.

Custom pvp system. Killing a pink player earns you 4 medals of victory. Killing a member of the enemy clan earns you 1 medal of honor (used to level clan to level 9/10)

.join will sign you to any active running event, .leave will cancel the participation on event.

Boosted demon swords. You now get level 5 swords instantly on pickup.

Automatic equipment for newbies. Upon creating a newbie char you automatically get top NG equipment with shots depending on the class you've picked. No need to waste your time equipping your character anymore.

Level of ALL raids is 78 or higher. This way you can kill them with your main class (alternative characters suck ass).

Subclasses were raised to 84 in order to wear vesper armor. We still have an open discussion either to keep this or not so it's a subject to a change.

Well known banking system with .deposit and .withdraw .deposit = 25 medals of victory -> 500 million adena. .withdraw does the opposite.

And so on... Lots of other minor adjustments that makes our gameplay unique experience.



This is how global town - Parnassus looks like.



------------------------------------------------------ Events: ------------------------------------------------------


We are running two kind of events. Gm events and Automated events.

Gm events  are events held by the staff where players must pm a game master to participate. They are spontane, fun events with various rewards and usually ran once or twice a day.

width=300 height=173http://temptation-network.com/gallery/361_18_06_09_11_35_54.jpeg[/img]

Russian Roulete event held by our head gm, =ReckLess=.


Automated events are events automatically ran by the server. They start every 30 minutes and last between 10-20 minutes.


CTF: Modified well known Capture the flag event.

Multiple flags can be stolen from both teams. You get a certain reward for killing a flag carrier and another (bigger) reward if you score a flag for your team. Additionally in the end, the team that scored the most flags gets another reward (medals of victory and blue eva's).


TvT: Simple team versus team event.

Two sides, one blue one red pvp each other. Winning team gets MOV's.


ZR: Zombie run.

Two teams, hunters and zombies. When a hunter kills a zombie he gets a reward. When a zombie simply touches a hunter his "disease" transfers from zombie to hunter swapping their roles (hunter becomes zombie, zombie becomes hunter). Zombie earns a reward. In tne end, whoever killed the most zombies and whoever infected the most hunters get another reward.


width=300 height=166http://temptation-network.com/gallery/1_01_07_09_10_04_28.jpeg[/img]

Zombie run (zoomed in to better distinguish between hunter and zombie. Two hunters on left and right, zombie in the middle.


LC: Lucky chests.

Players get teleported to fantasy isle arena with lots and lots of chests. Player has to kill a chest and when he does there are three things that can happen. First, player gets a reward, second, nothing happens, third, a chest explodes killing a player and fourth, a mob spawns and kills a player.

width=300 height=166http://temptation-network.com/gallery/1_01_07_09_9_03_38.jpeg[/img]

Lucky chests event.


KTR: Kill the raid. Raidbosses like Lilith, Anakin and others spawn on various places around the world of Lineage. Whoever gets to them first can kill the raid. Raids drop items like medals of victory, blue eva's, enchants, lifestones and simillar.



------------------------------------------------------ Npc's: ------------------------------------------------------



Items from D to S80 Icarus. Custom made to best fit server economy. Our HUUUUGE accessories list offers more than 220 (yes, insane amount) of hats, caps, agathions and other funny looking objects. Accessories also come with a 15 second "try before you buy" option so you can see your item before you buy it.


Luxury teleporter

Front page divided into 4 newbie leveling zones (level 15-80), Parmassus teleport ,Towns (and their areas) teleport and catacombs teleport. It has over 70 various teleporting locations.


AIO buffer.

This npc can be used in two ways.

a) Upon buffing for the first time a scheme gets generated depending on your class. You can then edit your scheme with buffs you wish (simply click to add/remove buff) to get and then press Buff me. Your buffs will be MEMORIZED and stored into our database. Each class (main/sub/sub/sub/sub/sub) get it's own scheme.

b) Old way is with three kind of presets. Mage, tank and fighter. Each button click will give you specific buffs for the class (it's faster but not as dynamic as first one).


Class changing npc.

He looks like a little kitten. If you accidentally close the class changing window popup (once you reach a level for first/second/third class change a window automatically opens up asking you what class you wish to pick) you can talk to this kitten and he'll change your class free of charge.


Roy the cat is also in charge of our custom rebirth system. Upon getting max level that your class can reach (85 for main, 84 for sub) you can learn first rebirth stage. You get offered a gracia final transformation as a skill and your evaluation score changes from 0 to 100 (light blue-ish name). In return you get deleveled to level 10. You must then re-level to max level again to learn second stage. You get offered ANOTHER transformation for a total of two now, you get 150 recommendations (blue-ish name color). Your level reverts to 10 yet again. Third time reaching max level third, last rebirth option appears visible. Roy the cat offers you a skill divine transformation specific to your class, you earn 255 recommendation score giving you a dark blue name color.


width=300 height=164http://temptation-network.com/gallery/1_17_06_09_12_29_34.jpeg[/img]

This is how first level transformations look like (this isn't the only one but TWO of the available transformations).



------------------------------------------------------ Raidzone: ------------------------------------------------------


This is a custom farming zone we have. The only way to get there is by .raidzone command. That command requires 10 blue eva's which can be earned by participating on events.

In raidzone, normal mobs drop Icarus pvp weapons and Dynasty pvp armors. They also drop life stones, giant codexes, agathion exchange coupons, pets (striders, wolves, hatchlings, tigers and so on), enchants, medals of victory and so on.


width=300 height=163http://temptation-network.com/gallery/1_11_06_09_5_13_47.jpeg[/img]

Normal mobs, some of the drops are listed above.


Raidbosses were boosted to 78 level and drop Vesper items (weapons/armors/jewels), books to learn 81 skills (including gracia final ones), blessed enchants + everything else the above mobs drop


Two grand raids. Tully the roflcopter and Darion. They are harder to kill and drop vesper noble stones (needed to exchange vesper armor for vesper noble armor), giants codex's masteries, blessed enchants, top grade life stones and so on...

width=300 height=163http://temptation-network.com/gallery/1_11_06_09_5_18_40.jpeg[/img] width=300 height=163http://temptation-network.com/gallery/1_11_06_09_5_16_47.jpeg[/img]

Darion to the left and Tully on the right side



------------------------------------------------------ Assistance: ------------------------------------------------------


We made community board super usefull by adding various information to it. On first page there is a short guide consisting from answers to FAQ. Second page has a nifty tutorial book.  You can open the community board by pressing alt+b or doubleclicking on the newbie guide that is located in your inventory.

width=300 height=163http://temptation-network.com/gallery/1_11_06_09_5_28_25.jpeg[/img] width=300 height=163http://temptation-network.com/gallery/1_11_06_09_5_27_03.jpeg[/img]


Additionally the staff is always reachable via petitions (/gm command) or by private messages (although petitions as we will be slow to respond in case we get pmed alot). If neither helps, there is always forum.







Website: http://temptation-network.com/index.php

How to connect guide: http://temptation-network.com/index.php/page,How_to_Connect.html

You can use either our system folder or connect via hosts by adding the bottom line to C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.   l2authd.lineage2.com


If you wish to use password recovery in the future then please create an account using our game cp

If you do not need password recovery (EVER) then simply type in desired username and password on login screen. It will be auto created.



674 forum members

3813 game accounts

4205 game characters


L2-Temptation, Because we care!


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I am aware of that. We had a discussion ingame once that involved the word serbir. It was hillarious and lots of people adopted it instead of server, so we renamed it on website as well.


It's like...serbir up? gogo donate to serbir,  this serbir owns!, omg when serbir rr.... and such.



Anyway, level81 skills I mentioned earlier.



Dual dagger mastery




Seven arrow



Turn to stone



Imperial phoenix (summon)






Star fall



Gallery with more pictures can be found here.

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In the raidzone. Press alt+b to open community board, click on favourites and read the third tab (pvp/farming zone).


Update: We have changed shout into second global chat.


From now on:

Trade - global, english only allowed.

Shout - global, any language allowed.


Players can always turn shout off (and they probably will) so it's a win-win situation.

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Rebirth System is now fully functional.


First level gives you funny transformation of your choice + 50 recommendations

Second level gives you gracia final transformation of your choice + 50 recommendations

Third level opens Divine transformations which are specific to your class + gives you 100 recommendations.


Community board was made nicer looking and more helpful for players.


Karma system implemented (players that help other players have a chance to become promoter. Promoters can karm or dekarm your character and thus changing your title color).


Plus lots and lots of other minor updates which really make our server unique for what it is!


Community still growing at a nice pace.

Currently there are:


544 Forum members

2366 Accounts

2514 Characters


Join us! Perhaps we're exactly what you're looking for.  ;)

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