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interlude [Interlude L2J]L2 BattleWorld


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[move]www.l2battleworld.co.cc 80 ++ Online Every Day! Uptime 100% No Crashes And More.Just Give A Check Out![/move]

..:: Server Features ::..



-= Server Rates =-


- Experience:2000x

- Skill Points: 2000x

- Adena Drop: 2000x

- Item Drop: 10x

- Spoil: 10x



-= Enchant Rates =-


- Safe Enchant: +10

- Max Enchant: +40 (Weapon)

- Max Enchant: +40 (Armor)

- Max Enchant: +40 (jewels)


- Enchant Rate: 85% (normal Scrolls)

- Blessed Enchant Rate: 95%

- Crystal Scrolls: 97% (Only in events)



-= Retail-Like Systems =-


- Auto-Learn Skills.

- Wedding System.

- Clan System. (lvl 8 Max)

- Clan Hall System.

- no waiting Clan Penalty.

- Castle Siege System.

- No Weight Penalty.

- Retail-Like Olympiad System.

- Free Sub-Class System. (5 is max)

- Noblesse System. (you have to do the quest normally.) Or you can purchase items in GM-Shop (Lunargent + Hellfire oil)

- Noblesse Skills 100% Working.

- Hero System.

- Hero Skills 100% Working.

- Duel System.

- Augmentation System.

- Augmentation Skills 100% Working.

- Fishing System.

- Seven Signs.


- 2 Hour Buffs

- no Spawn Protection.

- C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills 100% Working.

- C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters 100% Working.

- C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations 100% Working.

- Cursed Weapons Zariche and Akamanah 100% Working.


- Raid Bosses Respawned normally.

- Class Changing System.

- Unstuck Command 30 seconds.



-= Custom Features =-


- Custom Global Gatekeeper, Including All the Custom Zones.

- GM Shop selling everything you need.

- NPC Buffer, with Full prophet Buffs.

- Gold Bar System. (.deposit | .withdraw)

- Balanced Classes.

- Custom Farm Zones

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hhhm.. the server looks very good... so i gonna try this one... im downloading the patch!!!!!



EDIT: the server is new?


        When started?


EDIT2: if you are the admin you must write in your website "auto account create" bcuz you have > account manager in website and it say cant connect with the database or something like that... and some ppl think that the server is down...! as i thought!


the pvp zone  is not rly good... for my opinnion  you should make PI pvp zone


I dont known if i have the "new System" bcuz i still getting full critical errors.. i downloaded this http://www.4shared.com/file/108200437/ff93583/L2BattleWorld_V5.html


Btw what is the rate of droping LS ?


Thank you!

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