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[Instructions/FAQ] How to Use a Hack for CS/CS:S [READ FIRST]


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As I saw We Don't Have The "Guide" Or "Instructions" About How To Use A Hack For CS,I Was Searching In Google For Something Like That And These What I Found:


Step 1.

(Checking the Requirements)

Every hack has Requirements. For some Hacks the Requirements are standing in the Description, or in the Readme file. But some dont have them at all.



Step 2.

(Downloading an Hack)

To find an Hack for CS/CSS, check this link ->http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?board=80.0

Depending on what Version of CS you use. Download one of those.


Step 3.

(UnZipping/UnRaring the File)

All of those Hacks are Packed in an .Zip or .Rar file. Just because it´s very handy and because the Filesize reduces with Packing.


Find an Extractor on your Own, or use WinRAR

WinRAR is free, and you can use it over the 30 Day Trial Period by just Ignoring the Registration message.


With WinRAR installed, extract the Files in the .Rar/.Zip somewhere at your Desktop (Maybe an Directory called "Hacks"?)



Step 4.

(Starting the Hack)

If you did those Steps you have to Browse to your File. Normally the Files you Download from here Contain an hack.exe(may vary) and an hack.dll(may vary)... both usually have the same Name! The other files contained(If) can be ignored.


Be Sure that Steam is Started and Running.

Then Double Click the Hack.exe

Some Hacks open an WebBrowser Window, or an Small Window signalyzing you that the Hack is running. Close the WebBrowser Window (if there is one)

If not, then Double Click your Counter-Strike Icon to start it. You can either Start it over the Steam-Games Menu, or with the Desktop Icon.


CS/CS:S Should Start now.


Step 5.

(Checking Ingame Settings)

You may do this Step with Step 1. But you can do it now too i think.

Go to Options > Video

> Switch the Video Mode to OpenGL if it isn´t.

Some Hacks let the Console Display an Message that signalyze you that the Hack is running fine. If not, you probably did something Wrong or do not meet the Requirements. (ONLY IF THE HACK DISPLAYS THIS, THIS IS NO MUST)


Step 6.

Joining an Server

Should be very easy. Click Find Server and just Join any server you Want to Hack in.


Step 7.



If you Joined a Server you can finally begin to Hack.

Join an Team. Wait to Spawn, and then Press (depending on the Hack) either "END", "DELETE" or "INSERT" (if those dont work, check the Hack description, or make sure the Hack is running)


A menu should Appear that offers you Various Possibilities to Hack in this Server.

You can Navigate throu the Menu with your Down/UP arrow Keys, and Change Settings with your Right/Left Arrow Keys.

Configure the Hack as you want. If you dont know what an Feature does, test it or Google for an Description of it.


Step 8.

(Finally, HACKING!)

If you chose your Functions, close the Menu with the same Key you Opened it.

And then Enjoy owning others with your Hack =D


The Hack Crashes, Why?!

Make sure you did all Steps CORRECT!

If it still wont work. Do following:

Open Steam > Setting > In-Game > and UnCheck the "Enable Steam Community Ingame" box


Also make Sure your Anti-Virus is not Blocking it!


This should fix your Crash then.


My Anti-Virus Software tells me the Hack is an Virus/Trojan?!

If you download an Hack that is listed in : http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?board=80.0

Just ignore the Message your Anti-Virus gives you. Or Disable it if it annoys you.



To Download An hack With Instruction What I Give Download This Hack:Link ECC 5.5 rar


The Credits GO To Diaboly.

I Post It In Our Forum Because Some People Don't Know How To Use Cheats.

IF ITS SPAM OR LEACHING(I Give Credits)Just Delete The Topic Or Pm Me And I Will Edit It.


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