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[Question]A couple of simple questions.

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hi guys, i know this is my first post but please dont take me as some BR spammer i just want to get some basic information about l2walker(im kinda new).


I seriously want to learn how to use l2walker, but im not expecting a big newbie guide(was searching for one >_<) but ye here are some of my questions.


1, What are the main differences between OOG and IG, i know its ingame walker and out of game walker but i could use a little explanation.


2, I have been looking around for awhile and basically i downloaded OOG walker 10.6.6 and looked at the sticky and got the right token(authentication code? crack this and u get the "full" version?) so then i downloaded the maps from towalker and put them in walker\maps (this works?)


3, then i put my hosts file like this:      localhost vip.tt2xz.com vip1.tt2xz.com vip2.tt2xz.com vip3.tt2xz.com vip4.tt2xz.com vip5.tt2xz.com vip6.tt2xz.com vip7.tt2xz.com


NOW i think im setup ? cause i was searching for 20 minutes but couldnt really find a "get started" guide.. so i got some bits of pieces of info from various topics. So i need to get hold of the IP and PORT of the server and change it in the set.ini file. I read in a topic some guy used a sniffer program... just make a simple guide to getting it...


If i actually get ingame and the maps and everything works, then i can just follow this: http://towalker.com/english/guide.asp guide and ill be set up right ?



// theparagon

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IG is much easier in getting it work, however, it is much more ram/cpu consuming (1 client). With OOG you can have more bots, with a lower-class PC.


Don't mess with OOG if you are a getting-started botter :P You need some easy but hard at the beggining to be understood infos.

Use IG walker ;) You don't need maps/tokens/ip/ports


Download IG walker, put the hosts, start the verifier, start IG walker, start the client, YOU DID IT!!! If you want further explanation post here, but i think that the topics of ALEX2005GR are cool ^^


Tell us what version of l2w (c4/c5), server, and i will give you infos. And if you want more about OOG, post it ;)


Oh and the link at the end, is a clear guide that will help you a lot.

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iv botted on other games, and im kinda "computer smart" not a fucking genius but not a retard you know... :) so im just asking this stuff so i can get started, as i said i just need the ip port for the server(l2forever) and then how to get the maps working (the ones downloaded from towalker?)


l2forever is a c4 base server modded to c5.


if i just get it started and login ill probably be able to figure out the basic options and buttons with the help of the guide and some fiddling so if you can help me with this i would be grateful.

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Hehe, i think that l2forever has OOG protection, that's why i was asking...


Get ip from l2.ini

Get token with that guide

Get protocol (there is a guide with hlapex for this)

Get port with windows CMD (netstat)


You are ready to go... But servers that have OOG working are only some low-quality servers... And these are only a few...

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