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hate thread


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i hate 6 specific GMs i wont tell their names yet or in which servers they play but I really hate them for being so noobs and dont even know what a GM should really do.they always accuse me of some things that i dont have any competition


ellhnika:apex8anomai 6 sugkekrimenous GM twn opoiwn to onoma den 8a pw akomh alla oute tous server p paizoun  pragmatika tous sixainomai gt einai tromeroi noobades k paizoun prwth fora me GM account k den exoun idea ti prepei na kanoun san GM ase pou me kathgoroun giA diafora pou den exw kamia anameixsh

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i officialy hate spanish ppl... i am not a racist but they are so stupid!!!!!!!


EDIT: Columbus discovered america by accident!

Columbus Was working for Queen Isabella of Castiglia..But He WAS ITALIAN 100%, and I agree with You..spanish ppl..Is soooo Stupid...They don't know to tell nothing...exept ... jajajajajajajaja -.-''

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<Irythros> ? history

<L2-HelpBot> history: : <HydroBlastGR> Greece have MILLIONS of history...

<Irythros> ? colombus

<L2-HelpBot> colombus: <HydroBlastGR> Colombus....Comolbus is GREEK




o_O What Is that ? You ask to a L2-HelpBot who Is Columbus ? OMG !xD

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i HATE their f@cking laught!!! they laugh like: jajajajajjajaja omg when i see that on screen i think to take the next flight to spain and brake all of their machines!!!!!!!!! + they are stupid and they wont tell me to pay them, but they will pay me xD

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Guest MaxBastards

i hate oneo network, i have spanish ppl they dont give me 2m!ONLY 2M TO TAKE NO GRADE,i remember it and i really want to -beep- this noobs,they are really stupid :P


i have the noobs dont search dont use modify a topic,wrong section topics

i hate 2-3 ppl

i hate the guys who is really idiot like ;gm have give u items; and etc i have too one l2off developer

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