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hello everyone i have one big problem


yesterday i spent 6 h on searching good keylogger

all of them were good they have in logs all keystrockes which i wrote but my problem starts here   

i type login and password in lineage 2 but then when i want to check it in logs i see there login-aaaaaa pass- aaaaaaa i want to fix it somehow  or mayby someone know keylogger who hasn't a problem like that its very importatnt to me so please help  and sorry for my english i know it isn't very well

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well pal this is a kind of protection for l2 against keyloggers and i dont think ou can do sth....im really sry and try to play without cheats or at least cheats not harming other ppl...

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i used perfect keylogger and in 2 servers i got aaaa aaaa.....

and in other servers i got the username and pass as he was...

I hope u understand what i wrote :D


to mewmew: gia sou re mewmew mafioze :D

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NCSoft has installed a keyboard protection system about a month-2 ago... Try C4 servers and not secured one (like e-global, they may have a protection, but anyway i don't think so...)

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