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  1. Extreme, ποιόν brute force χρησιμοποιείς; Και κανέναν οδηγό; :D
  2. I cannot see the ++ rates even on the website. lol ;D
  3. "Dead" link. Upload it in other hoster asap. What about hero/sieges?
  4. entopizetai san hack tool apo to l2... official .. Found out: apla pros8eteis sto host to nprotect.lineage2.com
  5. i've created my serevr with the newbies pack and ive put the right ips at external/internal hostname things... at l2.ini i have so i create my serevr i login normally but when i chose the server i wanna play and hit enter nothing happens... dunno what to do and search is not much helpful here...
  6. my god people you dont even deserve to be to this forum.Learn to read some rules and to take them seriously man.You dont even deserve to play lineage 2.Stupid kids that think what you want and never listen to other opinions And if you are so clever (that i think you are the most dumb creature in this forum) could you tell me how this random nu,ber is given exactly in l2? If not shut the -beep- up and stop reading this topic.It is not for people so clever like you.. believe me it is very interesting.try to give ita better look ;)
  7. Well, lineage 2 world is very hazzardous.However many sides of the game have been mastered by some brilliant people like h1nt .(hlapex l2phx and of course walker!).However there is ONE side of this game that stills remain mystery and that i think it is time to discover :) :ENCHANTING!!.Well i just want to say somethings before starting this topic 1)The reason is to finally find how the enchanting is done and if there is any way to reverse the results. 2)ANY ideas are accepted (and should be) and i dont want anyone shouting WTF are you talking about guyz there is NO way etc etc..its a threa
  8. Ok i think it is time to close this post...im thinking right now of making a new thread about the opinions on the enchant rates etc..i think we have understood what we should and its time to be closed ;)
  9. well have disvcovered it a lot of time before..and about the lvl no it is like 2 different cjaracters justwith the same name..for example u could make ne necro and one sorc and make em all say wtf??anyway it is funny :P
  10. OMG i cannt believe u finnaly found it !! u are great guyz i could never believe u could find it !! thanks very much for this i just love u!
  11. in java this is the most known way to get random items.and it is compltely secured and cannot be violated unless accessing the administrator pc (or if the gm is a friend of urs of course xD).
  12. guyz it is a nice theory but listen ..when a program like his is created : ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;; ___ __ __ __ __ boolean EnchantEvent; | | //_\ \ \ \ / / //_\ \ double RandomType; | | / ___ \ \ \ / / / ___ \ RandomType= Math.random(); | | / / \ \ \ \_/ / / / \ \ if(RandomType<=0.5) __| | /_/ \_\ \___/ /_/ \_\ EnchantEvent=true; |____| else Enc
  13. well i see a lot done while i was at camp..good job however i must say i prefer (MUCH MORE) maxbastards..all people now know us as maxbastards and everywhere there is this name so such a change may not be proved convenient...