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[Guide]Set up and crack a CSS server.[Windows]


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How to download and crack a Dedicated server for Counter-Strike Source (Windows)



This guide will lead you through all downloading, installing and cracking the dedicated server. All downloads in the guide will have direct links and will be updated. In the end, you will get a cracked Counter-Strike Source Dedicated server ready for clients to play with both legit and blank account support.



First, we download the hldsupdatetool, and with this tool we can download our standalone dedicated server, which doesn't runs with Steam.

Now we need to patch our server, so that cracked players can join in too... It let's all the players (legit, cracked, or by using non-steam (emulated) clients. And for this we gonna use VUP 2.11 patch (ViTYAN's Universal Patch).

We will need SteamID's for the clients on our servers, don't we? So that's why we gonna use eSTEAMATION! eSTEAMATION generates SteamID's for cracked clients (whether it's cracked Steam or non-Steam), so that admins could ban players by SteamID's, rather than by IP.


      - Download hldsupdatetool from http://storefront.steampowered.com/download/hldsupdatetool.exe

      - Download eSTEAMATiON v1.9RC1 from http://rapidshare.com/files/152918063/eSTEAMATiON.v1.9.RC1-ViTYAN.rar

      - Download VUP 2.11 FINAL from http://rapidshare.com/files/192685540/uni-gmsrv-up-2.11-FiNAL-vityan.rar

Note: Password for eSTEAMATiON v1.9RC1 and VUP 2.11 FINAL is csmania!


Installing HLDSUpdateTool

Open "hldsupdatetool.exe". After that you will see this:


Click "Next" and now you will see this:


Before continuing, you should know that you need to agree with it, so you can install and download dedicated server. We want to download the dedicated server so we will agree all agreements. Now click "I agree". Installer will now ask us our location to install it.


Now choose the location to where to install the dedicated server files, after set, press "Next" button.


Press "Next" to install the dedicated server tools.


Now select the region where is your server from the list below.


Press "Next" to continue.


And now the setup is finished! Press "Finish" to exit the setup.

Downloading CSS Dedicated Server Content

Now as the setup is finished, go to the folder where hldsupdatetool is installed and create a shortcut for hldsupdatetool.exe.

Now the shortcut is created, right-click it and select "Properties".


Now write the following in the Target box after the hldsupdatetool.exe

-command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir %p where %p is your directory for CSS Dedicated Server contents.

Example: C:\Servers\srcds, or C:\Srcds or any other folder, but be aware that you won't put the folder of your Half-Life Dedicated Server (HLDS) folder, like C:\hlserver or C:\servers\hlds, because downloading contents of a Source game into a GoldSource folder will result incorrect working (eg. cstrike, which is CSS with cstrike, CS 1.6).

When it's done, press OK and start the shortcut...

Wait for it to download the necessary files for the dedicated server.

If the window dissapeared try running the shortcut again... If it disappears again that means that it's fully downloaded and it's OK.


Cracking the Dedicated Server

Extract the uni-gmsrv-up-2.11-FiNAL-vityan.rar archive to a blank folder, and name it VUP. After this copy the engine.dll from the bin folder, which is located in in server root/bin folder, to the new folder you created earlier, VUP.

- If your operating system is 32-bit (x86), then copy the engine.dll into the Releases(Windows x32) folder.

- If your operating system is 64-bit (x64), then copy the engine.dll into the Releases(Windows x64) folder.

Now when you copied the engine.dll file to the specific folder, run the following command:

- if it's in Releases(Windows x32), then run vup86.exe -advanced engine.dll

- if it's in Releases(Windows x64), then run vup64.exe -advanced engine.dll

After you finished patching, move the patched engine.dll folder to your server's bin folder, and replace it.


Installing eSTEAMATiON 1.9 RC1

Extract the files from eSTEAMATiON.v1.9.RC1-ViTYAN.rar to the folder of your server root, where srcds.exe is located (not in the orangebox folder). (e.g. C:\servers\srcds\)

Go to the cfg folder in the server's root folder and edit the esteamation.cfg file. Everything is noted there, and I won't cover this now.

Note: vldr.exe is detected as trojan in some anti-virus softwares. vldr.exe only hooks the esteamation.dll into the server.


Now we gonna make a shortcut to launch the dedicated server directly in Counter-Strike Source with eSTEAMATiON and in console mode, because in console mode less performance is used and it reduces the lag. Create a shortcut for vldr.exe, it's located in the same directory where the srcds.exe is in the server's root folder, and enter this from the Properties window in the Target box after vldr.exe; vldr.exe -ldbinary srcds.exe -vldropts=b -game cstrike -console +map de_dust2.

Note: srcds.exe from the root folder, not from the orangebox!

These are just the necessary launch parameters to launch Counter-Strike Source Dedicated Server with eSTEAMATiON 1.9 support, but you can specify your custom port, start with a map when launching the server and add how players can join your server. Add after the console; +port 27016 (or any port, or leave the defaut, 27015) +map gm_construct (or any map located in the dedicated server) +maxplayers 24 (or less/or more). Now it would look like this: vldr.exe -ldbinary srcds.exe -vldropts=b -game cstrike -console +port (your port) +map (your map) +maxplayers (xx).


Configuring the Dedicated Server

Go to your server's folder and enter the folder named cstrike and search for a file named server.cfg and open it with Notepad or any other text editor. If there isn't any, create one.

If you want to have your host name (server's name) specified, in server.cfg, find the hostname line, if there isn't any, write hostname "My First CSS Server", in which you write your server's name inside the quote. Note that this is how your server will be named and it will appear on Steam's Server Browser.

So it should look like this: hostname "Chosa's Ultimate GMOD Server".


And now we add a necessary command... the RCON. Without this you're like another player in your server, without controling it, without setting it, because, you're not an admin without knowing your rcon password, so that you can remotely control your server

Here is what you need to do to becoming control your server.

Inside the server.cfg, add rcon_password yourpassword at the end of the page.

It should look like this: rcon_password 1337.


And now, your work here is done! You have a working cracked Counter-Strike Source dedicated server, so why not calling your friends to join it?

Feel free to ask about anything about this tutorial. ::D


ViTYAN and for his great release for eSTEAMATiON 1.9RC1 and VUP 2.11 FINAL ;;)

Without him the servers wouldn't be what it is... :P


Always take care of server security, use newest versions of server plugins, hard type of rcon_password and never run server as a Administrator or root.


Credits too :W3irdo from ISOStars

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Alright, I've set Sakretso's topic as a non-sticky.




Moved and stickied, +1.


Thanks a lot.I though that Sakretso's didn't mention how to crack the server and didn't have enough instructions.


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When you tell "crack the  server"what exactly this "cracking the server" does?Thank you


If you don't crack it, only people who have steam games(that they bough the game from a store) can login..

But if you crack it, then people who haven't bough it and borowed it from a friend of whatever, can login...

Don't you know about Steam and Non-Steam servers? :/

If you crack it, It will be a Non-Steam server.

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Ahha that's great man.I tell you a big thanks ^^.If i crack it steam users can log in too?My server can be found on steam servers and non steam servers too?


No proble..Ye, the server will be visible in the Steam/Non-steam servers too.

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