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  1. Nm Light set Draconic Bow 15€ TTS set 10€ Forgotten Blade 15€ Fenrir 72+top eq 10€ Nm Heavy set Tallum Heavy set 10€ Kesh*kesh Demon dagger Adena 100kk = 5€ 600kk in stock. Offers in pm,only PayPal as GIFT I sold everything , thanks for buyers and gl on servitor.
  2. I need extract l2phx in my lineage system folder ? Or its doesnt matter ?
  3. I am searching for Lithuanian section !
  4. Sell Bfd ethernal acc Main Maestro Sub HE,BD,WC/Noblesse mb there are left some items dont know www.bfdr.eu
  5. How much players on in this server?