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[QUESTION] Vago's / FBIAgent's Core Buffer



Well , I've Used Vago's And FBIAgent's Core Buffer ( It's The Same , Just Some Changes )


I've Applied The Files Needed To My Core , Registered The Buffer , Applied SQL's HTML's and ALL Those Shit.


I Went IG And Tried To Buff MySelf. But? Guess WHAT. Nothing. I Press The Buff , The Window Dissapears , And I Get No Effect ( Not an Icon Too ).


And There's Not Any GameServer Error In The GameServer Console.


So. Anyone That Knows What It Might Be?


Thanks In Advance.


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If everything goes right, give a look at the jython file.. i mean the ones that loads the main functions of the buffer. :) By the way, check for errors on loading.

all you do is copy all his code and put it in the 9999_Npcbuffer folder inside the .py file and make sure the script is loaded in scripts.cfg


These buffers are CORE buffers not shitty idiot python ones:D

Stef check the sql side of it

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