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  1. ^_^ The first one that noticed this fact.. :) But S84 is obtained by upgrades with really high prices. Maybe this is the main reason nobody likes him. :)
  2. Farm Zones arent still finished. And about the rest, its easier (like the rest) to buy common items and farm with them untill you collect enough adena. :) Everybody have been thru this.
  3. Revenger, having a will to do something is the main factor to create a good server. :) Im not here to swear, im not here to fight. Also i told few hours ago hardcore to edit the topic, its not my fault he didnt, and you could search for the older topic. I heard that a lot peoples liked the way the server is made but the problem is in low online. Well i dont blame anybody for this fact. Even if i have 0.1% chance and less this doesnt stops me from running a server :) Truly it did, once when we upgraded from x4 to x7.
  4. I didnt really wanted to write here.. but seems ill have to. First of all yes i have to admit that the server is l2j and its not something to be ashamed of. The guy made a mistake, i told him that we are l2j. I have never hided somewhere that l2headoff is l2j. Im not forcing anyone to start playing there. Its all your choice what you are gonna think and what not. "They" ? I never knew that 1 person is counted for many? http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=75435 have you ever read this topic to act like that? No you didnt im sure - shut up. And do you have any id
  5. Today opened!!! We also launch an event for the first clans of the server! The first 2(two) clans which reach 4 level are getting free clan hall at Aden.Only 1 clan will get a reward per IP/Account! www.l2headoff.com • Started: 28.09.2009 • Gracia Final • Rates: - x7.2 Exp - x7.3 SP - x7.0 Drop - x7.2 Adena - x6.0 Spoil - x1.3 Party Exp - x1.2 Party SP - x6.0 Manor - x6.0 Fish Reward - x6.0 Quest Reward - x6.0 Quest Drop - x6.0 Pet Exp - x2.0 Pet Food • Enchant: - 3 Safe Weapon - 4 Safe all items - 66% Chance - 16 Max Armors - 16 Max Weapons
  6. I have sended a PM with info to Maxtor to contact me, until then i cant do anything. BG: ni6to niama da naprawiat, predi malko govorih s tiah, uspokoi topkata, nezawisimo ot towa oba4e ot dulgo vreme diskutirahme towa s Nik i mai si mu doide vremeto. :) P.S. Are you banned now..? :}
  7. Not exactly.. triple the price and maybe he will keep his mouth shut enough to run away. And if you are not the one i banned yesterday ... However im sorry to all about the leeched topics. As you all know i cant control every single posted topic. I can only co operate with Maxtor as fast as he reply to my PM. Until then i have only suspended the read action at all the boards with your shares.
  8. If everything goes right, give a look at the jython file.. i mean the ones that loads the main functions of the buffer. :) By the way, check for errors on loading.
  9. omg omg.. stopp with those noobish comments.. as i see none of you read the topic link i gave here!!! 1. This wont be server 2. Its will be open source project 3. It wont be C4 anymore 4. It wont be Lineage 2 anymore 5. It will be based on Lineage 2 Engine 6. Fixing bugs idea is taken as well of course. 7. Read everything again. 8. Read the fcking topic. :P Thats why its called -> L2J New World... because -> Textures/weapons/armors/items/quests/NPCs and etc will be FULLY changed and modded... i agree its at least an year work for at least our first stable pack but
  10. wtf delete the thread!!! Its 2 years old!!!
  11. Got it! :) Taken in the DP Dev group. ;) Find me in msn
  12. Nope its an old "attempt" to restart a project which long time ago started making a totally different world. What i mean? I mean an open source server files and client files which are totally making different the L2 World.. #Stefoulis15 L2JC4 does exist and we can provide a full source files. #HaCkz0r [bG]Това е dev team който работи върхо не виждан проект до сега, прочети какво съм писал вътре за разбереш. :) [EN] This is a dev team on a project which was never seen until now, read what i have posted in the forum.
  13. If you dont understand whats this all about --> read below http://l2jnw.no-ip.biz/index.php/topic,91.msg998.html#new At least give it a read! :) The topic deserves it! :P If you already wanna flame me for something at least do it on PM.. :P Edit: THIS is a java dev team not a new server x.x
  14. Soon AMD Athlon 64bit AM2 5200+ 2.7 GHz dual core is coming up on the machine :P from little lag there wont be lag at all! :P Full geodata in both servers atm Adena rate is changed: x25 Record high rate: 75 Record low rate: 20
  15. Some known big bugs have been fixed and more balanced.. till now i didnt heard any complain but we will see :P
  16. Are you kidding me? Antique cant even hold on 200 online... he crashes on 150... (if it reach it someday..)
  17. (Sorry for not answering.. lil problems :P ) Well... currently those are my packs that i have found and chosed for the best pack and with less bugs than every other pack. I will put L2J's pack too. :)
  18. Well .. when i tested it , it worked and i dont think you will have problems ;D anyway thanks! Edit: Umm yeah in C3 pack you need the latest system update for C3 .. which i lost.. >:( .. anyway i just enter and see if NPC system works sieges and few weapons.. i dont look all to know whats in the pack and what not.. anyway i saw in C1 that there is SS S grade :D
  19. Well all of them are latest rev. Except the Gracia.. its still in development! .. :P And i dont like rapidshare.. too slow speed and they ban your IP for 30-60 min and then you can download again...
  20. Hello! ;D Nice to see you again! :) Here is a collection which i would like to share. I've collected them in the period of 1 year. It wasn't that easy! Some little bugs got fixed... testing them ... etc... you know! :) Anyway here are all chronicles of L2J Server from C1 to Gracia.. without C2.. (didnt find such). I have found few C1 packs and i compiled them to 1.. now the c1 is ready! :) Well ... have a nice downloading! Maybe someday i will post you my collection of L2OFF Server Files.. everything from C1 to Interlude (again without C2) ... these days i will search for Gracia and Kamae
  21. well as i see my friend maybe does not have other work so he tried a lil.. peoples.. i read all comments.. and sometimes an almost nothing can be done hard.. i had weapons which were tooking me a week to make them (errors, bugs etc).. and im not so newbie.. :P So dont critic the boy.. he is doing very good job for a newbie!
  22. In my topic im asking the same .. but lil differently.. as i see nobody knows it.. does this mean that nobody have working olympiad on his L2J Server? :P
  23. Nah.. check again you externel and internal IP's .. if you are connecting at local network set up only internal to the local IP that you use for connecting.. such problem is never from the client TheRuleZzZ :P im more than sure
  24. jaff


    waza :P there was 2 spam topics (1 of them locked) but maybe they are deep in the section.. xD maybe thats the reason of making this topic? whatever .. anyway Hi all!! I didnt enter this forum a lot of time.. most of the time i've been collecting L2 server files .. i even found a C1 L2J .. didnt worked at the beginning but some mods and all runned well.. it even got implemented S grade stuff in it lol :P Im still searching for my last thing.. L2 C2 OFF Server files.. anyone got em? :P