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interlude [Interlude L2J] iNFiNiTY*Skills Awaken


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This is one server which i liked most. let me say some infos.

-- iNFiNiTY*Skills Awaken:


-- iNFiNiTY*Skills Awaken forum



-- Some informations which you should know:

- Max enchant for weapons, jewellery, armor parts +50 / safe +25.

- Max enchant for one-piece armors (e.g Draconic leather armor) +100 / safe + 50.

- Olympiad period is for 2 weeks.

- Per every Plus from safe enchant limit, enchant rate drops by 4% (+25 = 100%, +26 = 96%).

- If you type any of bad words into chat, you will be jailed for 10 min.

- Jail is PvP zone (there is buffer)

- Player protection - when you teleport to spot you have a 1 minute protection. You won't get any damage with it.

- Cursed Weapons are usefull here.

- There is no sub-class limit.


-- Events:

- TvT event. Location: Pagan Temple; Reward: 250k AA; NPC Buffer with prophet buffs; Inactive player kicking mode; Balanced classes. Duration: 10 min.

- Madness event. Location: Aden town. Reward for winning: 500k AA; NPC with full buffs; Duration: 10-15 mins.


-- Multiple combat commands:

- .offensive - gives 25 % more demage but 25% lower defence.

- .defensive - gives +25% more defence but 25% lower damage.

- .normal - use normal/retail state for character

- .combatinfo - shows who has killed player, where player was killed.

- .autoheal - you start to use potions automaticaly (Greater healing potion, mana potion, cp potion etc) Check it out!


-- Custom Noblesse system:

- Speak with Enchanter NPC in town.

- You will need: 3 sub-classes, hero aura (5 players killed in a row without dying, 1 million (1kk) Ancient Adena (AA), 24h online time (you don't have to be online for whole day. You can play whenever you want. Your online time will continue without restarting.


-- Voting Bonus:

- If you go to main website and click "Please Vote Daily" after 4 pages of voting page will ask you to type your account ID to get vote bonus.

- Vote bonus gives: you have more defence than non-voted players.

- Voted players have normal head, non-voted players have big heads.


-- Donation Info:

- More information in GM Shop or in forum contact NB4L1.


-- Have fun! And vote Daily!


I really like this server, nomatter that it's not mine :D But the main - is leckness of ppl ;)

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the server was awesome before some months .. now its almost dead .. i dont know how many players it has ... the owner is an awesome dev but from what i know he doesnt hire any gm to do events ... it just has auto events ...

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- Max enchant for weapons, jewellery, armor parts +50 / safe +25.

- Max enchant for one-piece armors (e.g Draconic leather armor) +100 / safe + 50.




Dont you think that is much ? 16+ would be great for all and u would have good server... i played when it was c4 ( Pvp zone was towns) And we all enjoyed this... Now this is probably very bad thing because 80% of normal players like to see 16+ if decide to play server like this one....  Not only you,lot of them have to think when they are making some server WORK fine.... With Those Enchats no way :P Thanks...

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The server was very good.. It was having 500 ppl's but they change interlude and ppl are 110-200 and now they are 17-18 dunno why.. It was having some problem with the login dunno..Ntw my nick there was Nirthi :) Or leeroy ^^


Btw MoonGoat weren't you playing football?! LIER! Anyway enchants lie theyr patk and pdef;]

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Anybody remember your favorite meatballZ? :D :D Anyway, I liked this server and one day I had problem and can't log in :( so I left. There is enchanter machine, no customs, kill 1 pvp = 10% of their AA and Adena.

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