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L2asrv (for eL2Walker 10.8.1)


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Very good, i would say amazing... latest authenticator ;D But i have some... questions (maybe noobish... anyway, help if you can :P)


1. Isn't supposed these versions of l2walker to work on C5? The only C5 servers are java (exept 2, supreme and world if i am not wrong). So how can some1 use it?

2. It will work for C4? (I will try it alone and i will find out, but i can't atm, i tried using C5 IG bot for C4 but didn't work).

3. Did some1 test it? (I would do but i have some serious things atm :P)


Ya know, as long as someone lives, he learns ;D


(The best topic for today at least)

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Scan taken on 12 Apr 2007 19:30:04 (GMT) 

AntiVir  Found HEUR/Crypted 

ArcaVir  Found nothing

Avast  Found nothing

AVG Antivirus  Found nothing

BitDefender  Found DeepScan:Generic.Malware.G!SKI!!FLMPWX!!BVPkprng.E5CD2B16 

ClamAV  Found nothing

Dr.Web  Found nothing

F-Prot Antivirus  Found W32/Backdoor.ALHS 

F-Secure Anti-Virus  Found nothing

Fortinet  Found nothing

Kaspersky Anti-Virus  Found nothing

NOD32  Found nothing

Norman Virus Control  Found nothing

Panda Antivirus  Found nothing

Rising Antivirus  Found nothing

VirusBuster  Found nothing

VBA32  Found nothing


I can't be sure for the results, possibly infected... Use it at your own risk any1... If some1 try it tell us too...

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backdoor = keylogger... anywho if any1 has downloaded this then you better get yourself cleaned up unless you wanna end up without an account.


PS, you should change your lineage password from another computer.

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