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Lineage 2 Lifestone (interlude)

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Here's another bug that's been fixed on some servers, but it's still widely used on a lot of servers. The LifeStone Exploit is really simple, just follow the steps bellow:


1 - Obviously you will need a LifeStone first, get a good one!


2 - Go to the blacksmith and make the augment BUT, don't press the button to complete the augment, just prepare everything.


3 - Now you have two ways of completing the exploit:


- Go to your warehouse, deposit the LifeStone and then return to the Blacksmith and press OK to finish the Augmentation.

- Summon a pet, if you have one, and trade him the LifeStone, then complete the augmentation.


That's it, when you're finished, you will still have the LifeStone on your warehouse, ready to be used again and again.


Have fun! [Very useful on lowrate servers... ]




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well first bro This is > Lineage II General Discussion

so u topic is in wrong section :S

and i know this bug and really work in some server i tested and work on L2Mitos,but idk if this bug still working,thx for share

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It doesn't work for CT1/1.5 CT2/CT2.2 or any further chronicle it works only in Interlude.


PS: Only server with dumbsh1t packs will let you do this glitch.

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