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ναι αλλά αν το rb δεν έχει νύχια πάλι δεν σε γρατζουνάει ! Καλά αυτό είναι το πιο άκυρο

bug που έχω δει.. ένα edit κάνεις στο htlm file και fixed.

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Loipon prota ap'olla prepi na ftia3ete ena character lvl 81 "dark avenger"..o opoios sto lvl 81 apokta tin epiesi hell scream ,i opoia einai kati san fear kai poianei se ola ta raid boss...Ystera kanete sub titan ton pate lvl 80 kai xrisimopoiontas frenzy ... rb telos


Kai kati allo to hellscream den teleionei pote....


Dld C7 kai pano...

Episis an pianoun ta skill se Rb eleos

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    • I come to invite everyone to register their server on our top server. The first 3 servers until 12/24/2023 received a free premium. I'm glad to be back and hope you help and good luck on your servers!   Website: https://top.4teambr.com  
    • Hello MXC Community.   I got the following problem. When i try to buy from //admin enchant scrolls, they appear like x? , i buy as many as i want , and the idea  is that they wont full your inventory.   So after im purchasing them, and press ok, i have the following message. " You have exceeded the quantity that can be inputted ". And in my inventory i can see the enchant's one near each other.     At admin shop i can choose them x?(number), and at the end for example i have to receive X100 Scrolls to my Inventory. But it's doesn't working, and i can buy them only 1 by 1. I will show you pictures so you get what i mean.  My points is where can i fix this? Which file i have to search and change the val, or it has to do with Database on MySQL ?     So as you see in the photos below, i try to buy 100 scrolls from //admin shop. and its shows (100) , but not full inventory of scrolls. When i press ok, i get the following message you see with purple.   But also as you can see in main inventory enchants are near each other.    
    • H5 L2OFF的CommunityBoard Has anyone shared this before?
    • Hello MXC Community, glad to be here.    To be honest i registered so fast, because i had some issues, and i was seeking to receive fast answer, that i forgot to make a topic, and introduce my self.   I hope you have a wonderful day, like i do 😊   So i’m New to Game Development, and i decided to join MXC community, as far as ,here i can find a tone of information, and support  my future journey with Game Development and other stuff.   I am seeking  becoming   a future L2 Developer, either on L2J or L2Off. Haven’t decided yet. Anyway i hope, i will learn both sides of Development.      So now, i will be often in the MXC forum, as i already started learning on a Local Server that i opened recently on my PC.      I hope i will get the necessary help from the Pros in this Forum.       Best regards, Softcore.
    • I did most damage to your brain maybe. Why is this flame post still open?
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