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interlude [Interlude L2OFF] L2Uprising


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Hello everyone. The aim of this post is to advertise, L2 Uprising. It's a new server, which is currently under development and is expected to come online in a few days.


L2Uprising opens on Sunday 12th of April at 12:00 GMT+1


Here are the server's features.


Server Rates:


- Exp:7x

- SP:8x

- Adena:7x

- Drop chance:7x (seal stones:3x)

- Drop amount x2 for both key and normal materials

- Spoil:6x

- Quests amount:6x


General Informations :


- L2Off Interlude files. Configured to be as retail like as possible.

- Dedicated 24 slots plus with Divine Inspiration.

- 100% working interlude skills.

- Retail buff time.

- Retail Enchant.

- No auto learn-skills.

- Weapon augmentation.

- Death penalty.

- Shadow items.

- Herbs.

- Primeval island.

- Hero skills.

- Command Channel fully operational.

- Excellent Geodata.

- Interlude Clan system.

- Siegable Clan Halls, 100%.

- Working academy system.

- Interlude stats on monsters.

- Retail Olympiad.

- Retail SSQ.

- Dual Boxing is allowed.

- Anti bot system.

- Demonic Sword Zariche 100% working.

- Blood Sword Akamanah 100% working.


- Server Related -

- Hosted in Germany.

- Auto-reboot.


- Server Specifications -

- Primergy-Server Econel 230R S1 with Serverworks HT2100 plus HT1000 Chipset.

- 2x AMD Opteron 2344 HE, 2x Quad-Core.


- 3x 500 GB SAS HDDs.

- 250 GB Back up.

- Hardware RAID5.

- Server location in Frankfurt/Germany.




- First two weeks bonuses -

- Increased rates for adena, drop and spoil. Drop: x9. Spoil: x9. Adena: x14

- Buyable class quest items. First class: 150 k adena. Second class: 200 k each QI (600 k total)

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I contacted them today and they told that the order is here and they

will the server today.I think we will have the server in the next days.

I'm so sorry again and i hope to wait a little bit more.




- Architecton


Server's expected to open this weekend.

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Hey guys,


Thank you for you patience with us!


We finally got the whole information, and yes you got it right ;)


We do have the server finally in our hands! ^^


Building up the whole server, is on his way.


But they keep you guys not longer waiting, we putted a Teamspeak server already up.


So you guys can talk with us, and each other.


We will probably move to Ventrilo as well. But for we would stay on TS.


Information to join up at Teamspeak.






To connect:


and take your desired username ;)


Already thanks for waiting,


and we will keep you guys updated!






We are going now as well release Beta times:


Beta start:

Friday (10th) 18:00 GMT +1


Beta end:

Sunday (12th) 18:00 GMT +1


Final Start:

Monday (13th) 12:00 GMT +1



Keep in mind, this is what we do have in mind. There always can be a slightly difference, if we do found

out that there are to many bugs, to fix in those little hours.



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