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  1. No donator's at all...if you farm for 1-2 hours can have everything +25 on you...why donate?
  2. I would like to know if it is possible to make a script that can write custom orders , for example when adena is >1kkk to write .deposit .....if anyone knows how to make it plz let me know. thanks
  3. Hi guys , i am sorry to start a new topic but as i cannot find any other post with what i want , i'll ask here... I would like anyone who has a script for tateo recipe quest to pm me with link for download. thanks
  4. try setting your char to pm the healer and ask for heal , and the healer to accept it and do the skill...
  5. Dn tha to lega orgh :forge : [fOordzh] ουσ. σιδηρουργείο, πεταλωτήριο, κν. "γυφτάδικο" # χώρος εργασίας στον οποίο υπάρχει καμινος μεταλλουργίας # ΦΡ. forge fire/hearth καμίνι § blacksmith's forge καμίνι σιδηρουργού ή σιδηρουργείου , αν ιτηελασ αν λεει οργη βαλε L2GodsAnger
  6. could you explain what is wrong and how i could fix it? thx
  7. ego thelo na m peis kapoios pos mporw na rithmiso ena oog walker na mpainei ston server p thelo?
  8. ruud44 the link you provided doesnt work..it just takes us to a game site not for l2
  9. ego proswpika tha ekana ola ta weapon na fainounte san na einai apo ice opos kai tis armor kai tha ebgaza ton server l2frozen(kapote ipirxe ena server me auto to ane alla einai edo kai kairo teleiomenos) , exo akoma kai alles foveres idees sxetika me ice kai mlkies alla bariemai na grafw tora...
  10. Kala me koroideueis? double post einai auto? 1on allou einai to ena allou to allo , alli glwssa i mia allo i alli 2on dn leei pouthena sta rules oti dn mporeis na zitiseis help tautoxrona kai apo 3enous kai apo ellines 3on an thes rota kai ton max na deis oti exo dikio kai sxetika me to server , an exei walker protection mono target ta mobs dn kanei? gt opos eipa(nta3ei mporei na mi to eides) bazei hp pots ktlp
  11. Paides thelw na botaro ekei , exo kataferei na logaro me walker , bazei hp pots , kanei buffs ktl to walker alla dn aknei taget ta mob , an 3ereis kaneis gt mporei na m pei? euxaristo.O server einai o www.l2gold.eu
  12. i logged in with walker , everything like potions buffs etc works but it doesnt target mobs...if i make the char attack then he will continue but i would like someone to tell me what is wrong...the server is www.l2gold.eu , i would really appreciate some help , thanks in advance.
  13. if the server rates are from x5 to x300 and walker can be used i like the server , not for lvling as much as farming
  14. guys i would like to point some things out for you: 1st your page is very slow , consider changing site server 2nd the patch isn't good...it doesn't have the l2gold.exe in it(or there is an error about it) 3rd because i didnt have the l2gold.exe i thought i could log in from l2.exe but i got account banned 4th your site is empty , no raids and stuff Now i know you are trying but dont do the same mistakes the owners of the old gold did , try to be better...I have 5 friends waiting to log in your server (we used to play in the old gold) but with no luck... 5th i know this serve