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interlude Lineage ][ Oneo


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Oneo has made his new server

c4 full c4 retail server not L2J

register at http://l2-oneo.com/

info on how to connect and everything else http://l2oneo.com/

Forum http://l2oneo.com/forum/


Exp: x45

adena: x150

Drop: 45

Here is a quick look about what this server has to offer:


Here is a quick look about what this server has to offer:


- GM Shop (ll towns)

- Marriage Works

- Custom Attire

- Global GateKeeper

- Purchase Dimensional Diamond from the GateKeeper

- C5 Skills

- Auto Learn Skills

- Class Managers

- Experienced Professional GMs

- Occupation Change Items Can Be Bought At GM Shop

- Working Nobless

- Working Heros

-FULL RETAIL C4 with C5 mods.




Server specs:

Our servers run with latest technology machines

and they have 100% effectiveness in time of the continuous online operation.

Precise information on the specifications of company's Game Servers machine are:

-Four Machines Intel Pentium Duo Xeon.

-8G Ram Memmory each one.

-300G Hard Drive Raid Controled each one.

-200Mbits Connection Lines each one.

-Os Windows Server 2003 Enterpice x64.

-24 Hours Remote Support each one.

-100% Uptime each one.




~Interlude L2j~


Arena Reborn



Are you a pvp lover? Do you sometimes wish that there were servers completely, totally and 100% dedicated and oriented around PvP? This is the server for you! This server features:


    * GM Shop - S Grade

    * XP War Spots

    * Newbie Protection

    * Custom Teleports To PvP Areas

    * Peace Zone's For Your Safety

    * Instant 80

    * Skills Buffer

    * Regular Buffer


We are constantly taking in feedback from players and evaluating it to see if it will benefit the server. This server is constantly changing and becommig more and more unique as time goes on.


What are you waiting for? Join the fun!



more info  http://arena-reborn.com/

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Ok sorry about double posting but i wanna to announce something about oneo so this is the only way for someone to see it xD


Crazy PvP Arena is opening again with the name Arena-Reborn more info at www.l2oneo.com :D:D have fun :D

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Right now we will open only Arena Reborn .

x4000 will remain offline for a little bit more we are making lots of fixes on the server sanyway all the chars are saved there is no way to lose em. ;)

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that will be great! oneo4000 has less players but it has mobs for xp and collect adenas.arena has only 3 places to collect adenas so it make a little boring.there are players who stands beside the gk and when u go there they pk u(on xp places). the idea is very good but make more places for xp and special places for pvp (not pk) like the old arena and colloseum(when u teleport there they put u in the middle of arena so u are dommed).sorry for my english.

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OMG oneo arena delete chars again!!! nice update dude but the only thing anyone does is to ech weapons all day. no one cares about pvp any more... i hope our old chars on oneo 4000 are still there...

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